Sand event. Is it safe to use Wu Kong and/or Delilah in a team?

Next event will be yellow reflecting. Will it be advisable to use Wu Kong in an event team? How reflecting are those bricks in case you use Wu Kong? And maybe Delilah too? for the not yellow monsters? Or is that much too far?

I’d like to know. Having Wu Kong certainly does goed work. But in a yellow reflecting surrounding?

Obviously you can’t use either for the Rare (Beginner) Event.

I usually hesitate to bring a reflecting hero, but some can be brought and used, depending, especially towards the end, if they counter the bosses…you just have to keep them alive until then…

From what i saw in Anchor’s stream there were no reflective heroes, they might have changed it though

I was under the impression the summer event was like the easter event, not a challenge event.

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The Sand event doesn’t have any reflective color, you’re thinking of the Guardians of Teloc which is yellow reflective and should appear next month. I wouldn’t recommend using Wu just to complete the event, since he can die incredibly easily given that his attack buff affects the reflected damage, meaning he can die to a single reflected match 3. However he could be useful if you’re careful, especially against levels with Panther.

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I used Wu last time and it was fine. Mind his health and be careful with tiles and he is worth it still.

Thank you!

@LucasDaoc Eep! Must stop answering questions based on what’s IN them (“reflect color”) and answer based on what should be there! :sweat_smile:


There is no yellow reflect, so you will want to use yellow heroes when there are purple bosses. Otherwise, the minions are all red and yellow, so yellow heroes are a potential pass.

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