Sand Empires Emoji Extravaganza 🎉

giving out 5 emjois for people to get the chance to have on there personal profile on the fourm …
Rules are quite simple post the emjoi you like the most and give a reason why (20 characters)
You can only post for ONE emjoi soo choose wisely. Dont reply to folk aswell that be awesome …

Discobot will find the winners too …

Example @Dudeious.Maximus I would like a :cactus:as i can be a … Keep it clean too …

so the emjoi are…






There will be a bonus emjoi too for best comment on why would like said emjoi … what that is is undiced… depends on the poster I may chuck a dragon to some folk too… :green_heart:
Winners can have the chance for the bonus emjoi too :clap:

Threads you should check… the first one is important … :wink::+1:

Thanks @PlayForFun :+1:

Good luck :dragon: :green_heart:


I’ll take any of them. I wrote a great post on why I deserved the bunny and didn’t get it. Don’t feel nearly attached to any of these. Regardless, I want one.

Good enough?


@Dudeious.Maximus I would like a
to keep my :unicorn: in


I don’t need a :crown: to be queen but I’m headed straight for the :european_castle:
Now the :ghost: clearly needs an old :european_castle: : to haunt! thank you :smile:


I would like the :tornado: as I live in what is known as “Tornado Alley” here in the USA. I have seen a few tornadoes in my short time on this earth, but most the time there is too much rain to see them around me at least. 1 time, we had 2 tornados go by on either side of our house about 30 miles apart at the same time. It was raining cats and dogs that night.


I could just ask the similar what @JGE mentioned:

My dragons desperetly needing a

as every dragon have a castle in the cartoons and movies, and they lack of one :confounded:


Desertrose needs sun to flourish and bloom :smile: it will be great if my flower can get that sun :sunny: emoji :smile: :rose::sunny:


@Dudeious.Maximus I would really like the :european_castle:

It will be my fortress of solitude, were I will brood over the serious defeat I suffered the last time.
From the cursed dungeons I will stroll through dusty halls beneath the statues of my ancestors and narrow spiraled staircases will lead me up to the highest tower. My gaze wanders over the dead lands surrounding the castle and settles on the hazy swamps in the east.

Every dusk undescribable creatures crawl out of the muddy waters and roam free in my lands. Each day, when the sun (I wouldn’t even mind getting the sun emoji if the castle isn’t available anymore) settles, families in the nearby village barricade their doors and cower beside the hearthfire. Their mumbled prayers to countless gods fill the air, a stupid hope, that the beasts won’t come to feast this night, like they have done so many times before.

I watch as the undead horde draws ever closer. Sniffing, probing each wooden bar looking for the slightest weakness in the defense of their prey. But the unmindful are already gone and the rest had learned it the hard way, to keep the doors and walls in good condition. But it doesn’t matter. It never matters.
They always find a way in.

When the first screams arise from the grey roofs I leave the balcony. The way down is long and my halls are dark. I won’t find rest this night, while an unnamed terror stalks my subjects. They will send another delegation tomorrow, with a petition to rally the finest heroes of the empire and start an expedition into the swamps, to rid the world of this evil.

But I can’t.

My will is broken, discobot, a cruel and indifferent god, hasn’t heard my prayers regarding a small little chicken looking out of its egg.
I will send them away as always and plan my revenge on my nemesis because even gods can fall. And I will have an emoji, in this live or the next and than the land may heal, the beasts 'll be slain and once more there will be peace in the world…

never forget, never forgive

  1. To be completely honest, I want one for the honor of being bestowed one by @Dudeious.Maximus
    As I respect you greatly, and being granted one by you out of the magnanimity of your heart, you deigning to spend a few seconds to chuck another emoji at me…

  2. For those who dislike me: after all I loathe the summer, it’s best spent in a cooled INDOOR pool away from the sun, or in a nice air-conditioned room with clean sheets and dark curtains

because when you put me in the sun, you get this:

If it’s cold, I can put more layers on. If it’s hot and I’ve already taken everything off, what else can I do?!?!

therefore, supporting me in my quest to get an emoji will ensure that every day, when I see my emoji, I will be reminded of the awful, soul-crushing, body-destroying heat that fries my brain and dehydrates me to the point that I need to wring out my shirt when I take it off…

  1. For those who lust after me, that point above - I will need to take my clothes off when it’s warm. you are welcome to enjoy the free show!

  2. For those who like me, you will gleefully see more emojis on my forum title, which will act like a beacon and signal so you will see my posts standing out from a mile away!

  3. For those indifferent to me, then you don’t care either way if I get one or not, so what would it matter to you :stuck_out_tongue:

now as to which one…

a) I like the hourglass, but it can be a depressing reminder that we are all mortal and time is running out… already, I cannot drink as much as I used to, and losing weight is harder…

b) I like the castle, but it can be a reminder of the subjugation of peoples by conquering armies… though I do like castles, I pretend I am a Disney Prince living out my dreams and telling all those people who made my childhood hell, “hah! see where I am NOW! bleah!!!”

c) Maybe the cactus, as we have one - it’s the only plant we can keep alive for more than a week. We are terrible and must never be allowed to have pets or children.

He looks ok. I think.

d) definitely not the sun, even though as my dear friend @Sarah2 says, we are sunshine spreaders. I like sunshine in the context of light, but not heat, therefore I like the sun only during winter :stuck_out_tongue:

e) probably not the sandstorm/tornado thing, as though I like wind, I like gentle breezes and not destructive whirly things that would fill my house with sand, causing a nervous breakdown as I try to clean it all up. my vacuum cleaner already whines as it is!

sorry -not sorry for the negativity, as summer is hot, it makes my head hurt and makes my blood temperature rise, and just generally ruins my mood, so there. :stuck_out_tongue:

(secretly hopes that Dragon Dude also hates summer).

I will come all out for winter though!


I would like the :hourglass_flowing_sand: because time is valuable, and i’ve been putting enough into this game that I could probably do with a timer!! :sweat_smile:

I also offer you this in exchange:

  • How do you make an hourglass flow faster? Fill it with quicksand.

Also, on a separate note, White Rabbit and Alice are two of my favourite characters a purely for their timepiece aesthetics. :heart:



I would like to have the cactus emoji. I appreciated cacti more fully after being sent to Phoenix, Arizona, for work many years ago.

Those saguaro cacti are simply magnificent.

Started my cacti collection after returning home. They survived!

Thank you for initiating this.


@Dudeious.Maximus I would like the :hourglass_flowing_sand: because… I love kittens?


I would like to get image because it would be the first Emoji I would have and would look beautiful on my profile.


I really want the :cactus: , i am a survivor and a very resilient person just like a :cactus: please give me the cactus…. I also have a cactus plant on a vase,

When someone is thirsty in the desert you can rely on :cactus: just like you can rely on me…

I can be a real cactus too with loads of thorns :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like the :sun_with_face: emoji as it would be a welcome contradiction to my forum title. Also like the smiley face bicycle bell I have, It may well also act as a reminder to me to think kind thoughts rather than scream abuse at people…


Dear @Dudeious.Maximus … I would very much like the tornado emoji … :tornado:

This is because when its this old pirate’s turn to be on watch, I can scan the horizon for stormy weather and steer the ship to calmer waters and be the hero of The Pirate Horde! :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag:



I love the responses in this thread. :joy::rofl: There are several comments already that will make @Dudeious.Maximus job very difficult to choose a winner… :wink: - Good Luck!

I’m asking on behalf of a friend Discobot, the cactus please :cactus: …scrolls up to check what a forum buddy asked for.

Thank you and have a splendid day :innocent:.


Another giveaway!! O the great and generous @Dudeious.Maximus

This time, I would really like to have the :tornado: please.

Because I’m just a roaming dinosaur following where the wind blows :t_rex: :tornado:


So far my entry. I’m trying for the :sun_with_face:.


I love these threads. I would like everyone to have the emoji of their desire however, if everyone had an emoji then not having one would be the desirable way to rock the forum. Lol…


Like how guys always want the barmaid in a stripclub because shes the one they can’t have.

Seems self explanatory but I would like the :tornado: as it just suits me so well…perpetual motion in every direction around me both at work and home while I stay centered allowing my calm demeanor slowly expand outwardly pulling the outside world into my vortex of peace. Softly whispering " it’s ok…we can work it out…it’s just a mistake, we can fix it together, that’s how we learn… and you know what I’m talking about…