Sand empire or Atlantis ? (farming)

Should I focus on Atlantis the next 2 days? Or on Sand Empire?

  • I can use 80 flags a day (a bit less in weekends)
  • I think my team for Sand Empire can go all the way
  • progress in Sand Empire = easy: only last stage to do, medium = most of them left to do, hard = I’m halfway


Atlantis… Sand Empire will stay for many days.


Already been said- Atlantis
Sand Empire Event will be here for quite a few days more


100% Atlantis for sure… Sand Empire still have plenty of times.


Atlantis stock up on stuff sands you have time to clear :slight_smile:


Sand empire because sand only comes once in a year and atlantis comes everymonth… who need those farmable mats anyway? Maybe you already have 10,000 of them to start with. But with dart and EHT from sand empire, you can get Rana and ascend her right away… if you have the other 5 darts, 3 orbs, and of course tons of food and training heroes to work with… EZPZ

LOL I can agree with the Sand Empire only coming once a year part?

But I seriously doubt a couple of EHTs are going to be enough for the average player to pull a Rana… and you also forgot the D. blade, compass, fine gloves, tome, and additional orbs required for getting to third ascension level…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that your post was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. :laughing:

Atlantis 100% sands can wait


Except for the 4* darts, most Sand Empire prizes can be won in monthly Challenge event tier completion rewards each month.

Atlantis Rising is a unique time to get effectively 3x kits/ backpacks - the biggest bottle necks in Empires that players can do something about - and 3x other loot ( -3 energy and +50% loot in normally 6 energy stages ). This really helps smooth out the merciless RNG of loot drops.

SGG even made the decision easier by reducing the length of Atlantis Rising by 24 hours.

Sand Empires Advanced

I have chosen to skip Atlantis Rising, more out of boredom.

For Sand Empires, I will do Advanced, then Normal, then Easy, because any team that can compete Advanced can finish the other two.

Wilbur, Boldtusk & Harpoons are current MVP for my Advanced team.

Android OS

Lost some world energy from the normal damage amount visual glitch / troop visual glitch / no status icon visual glitch / no mana glitch so if you are on an Android device, might want to do Atlantis Rising so SGG has more time to fix Android OS. Just like Android OS beach ball visual update in 2019.

Magic lamps

Magic lamps are 10x better than power shards since magic lamps can trigger normal damage/ matching damage/ tile damage of all heroes on your team. Often with power shards you lack tiles of that color after creating it.


(Thoughts on changing the Atlantis Rises schedule and shortening the duration [Schedule has been UPDATED] - #117 by Petri)

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I’m auto playing my way through Sand Empire and this morning found myself wasting world energy while Atlantis Rising is on! What was i thinking?


Yes you are correct… I missed the Blade, tome, compass, and gloves (I did mention the orb tho, partially :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

Anyway this atlantis season is just meh. I don’t want Mok-arr, and Noor is probably the worst HotM this year. Yes Drake is one of the best hero in the game. But how low is your probability to get him? Most likely you’ll just pulled another Gill-ra…

P.S.: you can keep your limb, mister :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I am on Auto Play for Atlantis 4-3N at the moment.
Sand Empire?.. you can wait.

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I would rather pull Obakrap than Mok-Arrrrrrrrhhhhh…

Someone (I forgot the forum name here) mentioned he/she was farming for Season 2, Province 1, Stage 9 for orichalcum nuggets. I tried it several times and yes, there are nuggets there but also very few. What struck me as amazing is the number of backpacks I got from this specific map. I have 51 world energy when full and with the magic of loot tickets, that stage is giving me backpacks almost equal to the total max WE I spent there. I got as high as 49 backpacks using 17 loot tickets. There were times when I ran the same stage on autoplay and it dole out 5 backpacks at the cost of 3 WE flags

Log your stages; I have a list of about 10 that I thrash on 10 hour cycle. The free tokens are worth it and if you farm selectively you will be rewarded

You can also do a combination of both.