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Mono purple from easy 1 to advanced 20: c. Rigard (4/70), Ursena (4/35), Seshat (+10), Kage (2/60), Proteus (+11). Used just an occasional healing and mana potion.

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Just completed the final stage of advanced. First time I’ve completed the last stage on the first attempt. Easy compared to other events although I still needed to use quite a few items.

My recently acquired Proteus is already useful - even partially levelled. Just used the gloves I got from Farholme to ascend him to his final tier so should be even more helpful from now on.


Just finished. Enjoyed the new format and was very grateful this event was doable with minimal items - few heals, manas and arrows for blinding when the board dried up.

Used some 4* heroes on the advanced cause that’s all I had, so made the strategy more important.

Materials gained have been saved.


Decided to try and beat it on my alt… with only one maxed 5*.

Managed to complete Advanced with just over 1000TP below recommended, a grind but nonetheless completed.

Just by using hourglasses and lamps to keep enemies stalled, it can be completed with way less power than the game suggests.

The victorious alt-team:

Of course it was far easier on my main account with plenty of maxed/emblemed 5* heroes, but this was actually more fun.


It’s was really fun having the different mechanics but that was the easiest “end boss” I’ve faced yet. Christmas was the toughest for a while, Spring was challenging too. But this one, as fun and different as it was, was a complete breeze.

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Completed advanced with this team

Used one bomb to soften the blows when I ran out of lamps, and 2 times mana to charge proteus (bord turned very bad). But probably would have made it without (but did not want to do it again)

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Finally Today completed the Sand Empire…Initially my thoughts would not get thru even the first stage of Advanced version but the new tiles and boss power was easily to dismiss. I had an four Star Team and the same team and strategy for the entire version of the event.

My Team - HuTao, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Li Xiu and Melendor. TP-3400
Use Cyprian reflect for attack mostly and then use the antidotes and healers and lamps to get back to full health. Repeat when fully healed and Viola takes time but you win at the end.

Battle Items:Bomb Attack, minor antidotes, minor mana portions and minor healing portion. For the last 2-3 stages took revive scroll just incase of any mis-happening. Probably used 1 of the scroll. Rest needed fo use bomb attack only at the start of the fight to get time to build mana of all heroes and the new tiles.

So Overall really exciting and really happy to complete the entire Event, and all stages in my first shot.

Did a total of 6-7 hero tokens. Though was hoping for a star from the event but dis not get any event star. Did get a couple of 4* and HOTM Rafalle, rest mostly 3*.


Hats off to SG for this event. I really enjoyed the game play. As hard as the enemies hit in advanced, I felt some tension to keep working the board to make special tiles and keep them stunned. The rewards seemed good for the WE expenditure. Overall I enjoyed it, and I was sad to be finished with it already.


completed the event by using only one flask, two healing potions and four arrows.
The Team: Kage +3, Freya 3/70, Grimm+1, Boldtusk+10, Telluria+4
With Telly and Freya’s minions, and those hourglass and lamps, this event was way too easy to finish.

Just finished the event. It was very hard, but I think using only Aife might have made is harder than it had to.
Seriously though, it takes easily 40 turns to kill the last bosses, haven’t used a single item, the bosses were just frozen (in the sand empire :joy:) for 40 turns. A lot of patience and just Aife would have also beaten this event…

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No doubt, the new tile mechnism made the battle easier and fun to play, but it has however not degraded to the level of using Aife to win the stages.
We should indeed acknowledge the devs’ efforts on the introduction of the new variety of play. For me, I found it much fun.


I have to agree! My post does sound like I didn’t like it, but I realy did. It is a nice change of pace. I don’t mind it being easier than other events. I realy liked how the lamps and hourglasses just changed the whole setup and strategy of the game.
By the way: Challenge accepted. Next year, final stage, just 5x Aife


You can max 'em, but no emblems, that would be too much of an advantage.

I tried getting as far as I could using only 3* heroes and no items.

I made it to Advanced Level 4… Failed on Level 5 :frowning:


But obviously Aife is superior to any 3* hero and I am obviously a superior player, so I think it will be a walk in the park :stuck_out_tongue:

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Btw, late as I am, I wanted to brag about my luck at this event’s portal. Used 11 or 12 EHT and got Roc, Yunan and Gafar ( dupe)+ 3 or 4 S1 4*. I think I used up all my luck here, as at Avalon I got nothing but S1-3s…


Made some small adjustments to the OP & have made it a “Master” of sorts.

:slight_smile: Enjoy!


I used my 12 eht:

1 Arman and 2 Hissans ( I have both)
Jabber is new for me
Sonya (Dupe of a dupe of a dupe)
The rest 3 star s1 feeders

No hotm AGAIN!

Better luck for you folks!

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Can I just say that when the quest appeared and I saw the 3 difficulty ladders 20 levels each where the only worthy rewards are couple EHT&ETT, poison darts and MAYBE the few trainers I immediately hated even the idea of going through all of them?

People complain about Ninja tower being boring - well how is this one not. At least it can go on autofarm for the most part but it is such a tedious excercise that has ZERO fun and almost zero reward to it. I just hope to do it quickly now inbetween the regular calendar activities and never look at it again. But it feels like a penance and not like a fun summer event.

Well at least I could buy a scope for 10 USD, right?


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