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Event completed with my main
Until Stage 17 on hard I played fully auto fight
Did not use a single item.

Team was:
C Rigard+9, Kingston+8, LotL+14, Seshat+14, Clarissa

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Finished the event with no items and used only 1 flask for whole event .


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How many hourglasses and oillamps can you get?


How do you do that!?! Mine keep getting triggered or they’re my only match. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Completed all stages and all levels. The past 12 hours or so haven’t gotten the glitch so that definitely helped on the final 3 stages! Fun event and definitely doable without the recommended TP teams; the squad I used was about 3990 TP.


As many as this is exceptional (at least for me), but I usually have about 2 or 3. Just keep an eye on 4 and 5 match-options and save them until you need them. And yes, sometimes they get accidentally triggered.

I don’t like that you can use all of your heros in every tier. I set up a purple mono-stack and did not change until midway through the advanced tier. Yes, I could have self limited but the temptation to just finish it was too great. I like the new tile modifications.

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I did enjoy the Sand Empire quest, but it appears more players can complete the advanced tier now than previously (According to Feedback from my alliance colleagues that is). I can only assume that it’s because of the help from the magic hour glass and lamps.
For the rest it depends how you want to play it or if you want to rush it.
Personally I used 3* for the first tier, 4* for the middle tier and 5* for advanced.
Thought it was a good idea that most players could complete the levels so as to benefit from the rewards. Same goes for POV3.
Well done SG…


I loved it, had a 3550 TP and was able to work the lamps, set up so entering boss stages I had 4,5,6+ lamps to get started, Malosi to block, cyprian to riposte, mireweave at 10 stack and rigard to cleanse and boost attack. Used 1 miracle scroll on the last boss

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I kinda like it. I am in the advanced stage now and I hope I can finish it without too much use of materials.

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Way too easy with time stops built into the boards. Wasn’t a challenge at all. I was disappointed. I didn’t have to use any items to win any of the battles

Autofarmed half of the advanced with a mix of 4* and 5*.

Advanced Stage 20 Sand Empires and AR.1-10N

I was bored with Atlantis Rising, so I finished Advanced stage 20, Sand Empires.

I will do Normal stage 1- 20, and then Easy stage 1- 20 after Atlantis rising.

Since my Yellow Boss team defeated Advanced stage 20, it should defeat normal stage 20 and easy stage 20.

Yellow Boss team
Sabina 4*+18, Cyprian 4*+1, Proteus 4*+18, Boldtusk 4*+18, Wilbur 4*+1

Harpoons, Potions - Health 500, minor mana, antidotes.


My Yellow Boss team is also good for auto play AR.1-10N for kits / backpacks for Atlantis Rising.

Boss Wilbur, green & red mobs.

Purple Bosses

For purple Sand Empires Bosses I switch my team.

Melendor 4*+18, Wilbur 4*+1, Boldtusk 4*+18, Wu Kong 4*+18, Danzaburo 4*+1

Harpoons, Potions - Health 500, minor mana, antidotes.


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Three epic tokens. Three 3* heroes. This game sucks.


Nexus don’t complain about does heroes, soon they will be adding 2* heroes hehehe

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They are coloured coconuts hahahahaha

Son cocos de colores jajajajaja

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I have beachballs too. They are bigger than my villagers. Beachballzillas :rofl:

I beat the last level of Advanced :smiley_cat: My team was: Rigard in his costume (+!5), Tiburtus (+18), Cyprian (+16), Colen (+14),and Sonya (+2). The lamps and hourglasses made it very easy :wink: The bosses didn’t even get chance to attack until they were down to about 1500 HP.

Poor Colen and Sonya were knocked out but the other lads hung on and we won :trophy: Mist ate the juicy 4* trainer hero and the darts go into storage because I don’t have any maxed yellow 5*s yet :wink:


They are coloured coconuts hahahaha
Here’s one of those hahaha

Son cocos de colores jajajajaj
Aquí hay de esos jajaja

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It’s a different gameplay. If you use it right you almost never get hit.


As it turned out, I used just one team without changes:

Delilah19 - Isarnia19 - Clarissa - Azlar19 - Delilah.

Maxed Clarissa just after starting the advanced difficulty.


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