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Why Ursena does not reflect yellow bosses hits? Is this a glitch?

Which bits specifically? And which boss?

Screenshots or (better) a video?

Just finished the event, thoroughly enjoyed it. Once I figured out the match fours/fives, it was simple. On the last match I held Grazul in wait for the bosses to fire, but they stayed in “delay” state the whole fight. Grazul never even fired her special to protect everyone.

Guvnor, every single Boss. So, Ursena is activated ane normally should reflect Yellow Bosses hits, and protect all team with reflecrion, but it doesn’t to anything. Will try to make photos.

Well, it is working fine now. Don’t know what happened during the night :sweat_smile:

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Can I win the last level with only 4*?
I don’t have proteus.

I think probably you can. Take a purple/red team and with timestops and the lamps/laterns (dragon/diamonds) you can probably delay the bosses enough to slowly kill them with tiles and specials.

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Should be doable.

Take some timestops and save lots of lamps for the last stage :slight_smile:

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And to piggyback the previous two, turtle banners for added defense and arrows for blind will help when you can’t make lamps or hourglasses.

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My team … all done.
Nice and easy event…

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I’m sure this is meant to read “… previous versions of Sand Empire”, instead of “previous versions of Springvale.”

Great content.

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I’m actually really enjoying the new combos - hourglass and lamps. Initially I was not sure how best to utilize them, but as other’s mention, the benefit is in keeping the enemies from attacking (normal or special attacks). If you work he tiles effectively and save a few for the boss stage, you can cripple or even destroy the bosses before they have a chance to fire. You do have to be cautious as the bosses mana still increases during this hiatus in attack, but this is one special play that I’m totally enjoying. Using much fewer battle items and encourages different mix of heroes (not mono element or 3:2) as the exploding hourglasses and lamps usually ignite multiple elements at once.

I’m utilising both proteus and merlin. Proteus to stall mana-gen, and when this runs out I charge a boss, delay them so they don’t fire and have merlin slash themselves. If multiple bosses, rigard can cleanse the sand, only nasty effect being the reduced heal, which is overcomable.

Next I use BT and Wilbur. With this team the downside is I have to rely upon tile-damage, but it is very sturdy. Currently at stage 13 on advanced and haven’t used a single item yet.

Take a look at the top of the post again. These have been posted now.

Recommend keeping Little John for his mana reduction and using mana pots to keep him firing against the bosses. Try to keep your lamps and lanterns available for the boss stages as well. Finished level 14 boss stage without the enemies getting off a single attack by going in with multiple lamps and lanterns and generating new ones as often as possible.

I’ve found this updated Sand Empire to actually favor the player relative to the other Seasonal Events, with the delay from Lamps and Lanterns versus having to worry about exploding eggs and pumpkins. This is the first special stage I can think of that actually helps the player and it also increases the value of having multiple Elements as the Lantern hits multiple elemental shields, while the normal Dragon hits all the same colored Elements. This event has put a big smile on my face.

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Removed as my response was for the 2020 event, not the 2019 event.

@BigSlick The 2020 version of this thread that’s from 2019 has what you’re looking for.

EDIT: reword smarty pants sounding response

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Just had an awful board but finished the last level only with 2 tornados and 4 time stops. Which is not to much for a pair of darts. :angel:

Except the items, this was my team for normal and advanced.

Completed all levels. And to be very honest these magic lamps and magic hour glasses help a lot.
Completed last level of advanced with:
Quintus, Costume Rigard, Telluria, Clarissa and Red Hood.
Used one purple banner and two minor mana potions to fire up Rigard mid battle

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