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Right. No judgement at all. That looks like a super fun team to use. I’m very jealous and very scared when I face either of them let alone both! Nice squad. Good gaming!

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I did a 10 pull and got Roc and Rana right next to each other! Little upset I didn’t get Yanan but I’m not pulling more for him, maybe next year

So the question is: should I level Roc or Rana? I know people are disappointed in Roc not being fast like in beta but it is what it is. So which is better to level based on the current skills, Roc or Rana?

I am leaning towards Roc with the better stats, dispel all (though I do have Zim), and AOE but Rana does have initial direct damage (I know that’s nice but she’s also not hitting 2 enemies)

So, Roc or Rana?

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I can’t help but feel this was too easy, those special tiles paralyse the enemies so much lol

I’m not complaining, if SGG want to give away a load of ascension mats, trainers and tokens I’m all for it :+1::joy:


Definitely Roc over Rana.

Wow! That’s an incredible feat finishing Sands in less than a day :star_struck:.

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Easy enough if you have ~9 flasks to burn away

Most of it can be done on AutoPlay (Last event I got to about Hard Level 16 without having to make a match personally).


It’s the 9 flasks I would have trouble parting with outside of AR. :confounded:




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Yeah as @Guvnor said, I used 8 flasks, but I still have enough in the bank for AR, I also had waaaay too much time on my hands today (kid free) and I’m so far into parenthood I have no idea how to productively spend time away from the kiddos :joy:


Exactly this. Basically a free sorta timestop that doesn’t drain mana but still quite useful.

Edit: Probably most accurate to say it’s like having a free Peters/Miki, since they can’t fire their special even though mana isn’t drained, which is exactly what their silence special does.


So far it’s kinda disappointingly easy. I played through all of easy and half of normal with 3s and unleveled 5s. I’m glad more people will be able to get the darts at the end of Advanced, but it seems like it could have been just a little bit harder.

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I’m really enjoying the changed gameplay, with the new specials.

My plan is:

  1. Complete the event. Should be doable - I haven’t failed to complete one in a long time, and I have Proteus. Those 2 things likely go together, although I think I did complete one or two before getting him.

  2. Use up all my EHT here while the portal is open; so far spent 6 for 6 feeders, but that happens.

  3. Stop at stage 9 of each tier, until I get Joon to a point where I can use all the stage 10 trainers really effectively, hopefully to get him to 3.70. Do that again at stage 19., if plausible.


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I do enjoy these new tile types a lot. At first, these were a bit difficult to get used to, but in the end they add something new and fresh to the matches, need to think about them a little different.

Seeing that in practice, I definitely enjoy it. I wonder how they could implement some more permanent tweaks to the match logics, that would refresh the game but not break the balance or make it even more luck dependent.


I do not agree at all. They just provide a slightly new gameplay. Only bad thing would be that they make it slightly too easy…

Regarding WE, we have 2 weeks. There’s plenty of time to finish it.

And all this negativity lately is getting on my nerves (not you specifically but in general). Yes SG has made many bad choices and there is plenty of justified criticism. At the same time they have made some things to try to spice things up. For example the Tavern gameplay (even though the portal is mean), the lamps in this event and the upcoming ninja event. It might not all be perfect but at least they are trying. Still, too many seem to complain whatever is done.


There r 2 things need to change in the upcoming sand empire.

  1. Duplicate special skill name
    Except Roc each rarity level heroes have same special name , how same special skill names have different abilities ?

  2. Enemy hero heads are going out of the display

Done, went with the same team for every level

has to use an health potion at the last one. I would say too easy but glad lower levels will be able to progress and maybe get the dards

from left to right

Heimdall | Killhare | Guardian Panther | Sif | Sheshat (all 4/80)

The lamps make it easy as you can always keep some and block the bosses

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Agreed friend. I thought that it being too easy was implied with what I wrote but it sure wasn’t. But they did make it wayyy to easy. I didn’t need a single item. It was just going through the motions. Sure it’s free swag but I would prefer a bit of a challenge. And I do apologize for the negativity. Guilty as charged. I just wasn’t happy with the event in general as well as the new “QoL” improvements.


I don’t use flasks at all. The seasonal event is 14 days. Plenty of time if you play 4 levels a day. No extra loot for finishing so fast except for bragging rights.The flasks are only used for AR. Much more bang for bucks due reduced we and 50% more loot.


Always Rana. Roc only if you need cleanse.

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