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I have to say, this is made so easy on advanced mode due to these new tiles which stun the enemies turns for up to 4 in total.
You don’t need mana control, just try get some sand and lamps saved for the boss round, and use them … just keep an eye on when the bosses are going to hit, then you can reset them back to 4 each time, making the bosses not able to fire at you.



Palm trees…check
Coconuts… err no, beachballs yes.

If it makes any difference, I’m in the UK and am on V30.0.0 Build 1283.

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Post 75, you can find them

My only gripe, and it is a small one is how much w.e it takes for each level. I have a stack of flasks saved for Atlantis and dont really want to use them in this ( my max energy is 35) for this reason I will prob focus on advanced to start and ensure I do that, then easy and if I have time to regenerate flags efficiently I’ll do normal after that.

I really like the new tiles, they add a nice new challenge and thought process. I could also really do with a damage dealing cleanser so if I get lucky with free tokens getting Roc would be nice.


All in one:



I had 800 gems and did refills. Completed all difficulty tiers. Very easy.
No items used at all in the whole event.


I’ve re-uploaded.them again now. No idea what it was doing.


thanks @cap, great job! Love your guides!


I have never understood why they couldn’t give away the 3 & 4 star heros as prizes for finishing level 20. Give C2P people guaranteed Event Heros instead of another Dawa for finishing Normal.


20 characters of so fast … Wow

It is a nice Event with so many things we could earn but I miss a gloves. So less materials to rise a hero.
Next time maybe Betten!

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Does anyone else dislike/hate with every fiber of their being the new tiles? Half the time when you create a diamond it goes to the top of the board so the diagonal is a waste and most of the time I create diamonds to get rid of a color I’m not using. I guess they do help shake up a bad board but I’m personally not digging them. All in all I’m not happy with this event. The summons aren’t appealing at all and the WE is ridiculous. Two thumbs down from me. Sorry for the negative post but it could have been much better.

I didn’t really care WHERE the diamond or bomb ended up, honestly. It was purely to have them to use, save for the bosses so that I could stop them attacking. That was my only logic, and I was able to consistently create many of both, especially the bombs.


I think the event is too easy with the Hourglasses/Oil Lamps. Made it through most bosses with them being freezed the whole time.
Not gonna do any pulls though. I’m waiting for Autumn/Winter events, depending on what new heroes those will have.


Same here. I used Miki on the last 3 for Advanced but didn’t need to. I ended up just having him for the extra damage and wasn’t at all needing him for the special/mana control. In these events usually I have to use Proteus or Miki - usually both together.

But it was different at least.
I think next time the hourglass and lamps need to have different effects to one another. Not sure what exactly… or maybe to “pop” them, we need to match them in a 3 tile set. Right now we can work them exactly like the dragon and diamond, just click them and they go off…


My husband has finished easy and medium on Sand Empires. He’s started level 12 hard and has JUST NOW discovered you can tap the magic lanterns :rofl: He thought you had to line up three of them. Luckily he’s had no problems!


Just wanted to say, thank you, thank you, thank you! :star_struck:.


Last boss battle with epic music:


Just an observation but isn’t it counterproductive to use LoL and Alfrike? If it works it works! I don’t have either. But I was curious…

Was the only boss battle where the bosses cast at all, but I agree, that Alfie couldn’t use her full potential, since LotL’s minions whittled down the mana.

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