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I dunno if @Guvnor feels the same way but I find the Sand Empire event funny because when it is on it is the middle of winter here for us Aussies lol (at least for those of us not in Cairns or Darwin)

So it is sometimes a little hard to appreciate the coconuts and palm trees :rofl:


Very much haha

But in fairness, where I am it we hardly winter at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I struggle more with the whole snow concept tho :stuck_out_tongue: never get that any time of the year at my place :stuck_out_tongue:

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OP Updated

Op now includes some guides by @cap and @Zartanis.


Oh true, lucky you lol.

I am skipping pulls this event, saving em for November…

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Thank you @Guvnor, much appreciated.


Regarding which team to take in order not to change it or not to change it much.
I am doing every stage in every quest or map stage with two Delilahs. That is the backbone, that alone means three minions for every Hero almost at all times.
I make sure I take one Hero strong against Boss. If Boss and some mob are of the same element I take two Heroes of the strong colour.
Many Sand Empire mob waves will contain yellow enemies, there are also red ones so I am thinking this:
Delilah, Isarnia, Domitia, Azlar, Delilah.
This should be good all the way through all difficulties.
If you take some battle items like time stop for the last hard stages it is definitely sufficient.

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As always, thank you for your time and dedication to supplying players with tons of great info. This is my first sand event and I was lucky enough to pull 4* Gafar on epic token number 2. Good Luck to all.


13 tokens and all I have to show for it that I didn’t have already are Hisan and Arman.

Plus Raffaele who I already maxed.

The wait for a tank continues. Was hoping for Yunan :frowning:

Eh this portal is one of the worst imo

None of the heroes are worth pullin for and it takes place during 2 of the worst hotm in 2020

Again…save your gems folks


13 tokens and at least got Gafar someone I really wanted… plus a dup of Horghall…no HotM and no *5 from the event…already have Hisan Jabbar & Arman…so I am ok…

Only one new hero and that’s a yellow 5* like Rana? Disappointing :frowning:

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SG STAFF… @EmpiresPuzzles Update sand event avatars
Normale stage

Jabbar, Gafar…

They didnt implement any new 4* sand heroes, so what new avatars would they use in the epic tier of the quest?

15 min ago same avatars normal & advance stages… Now updated :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I already have multiples of Hisan and Arman, so won’t be pulling in this event.

8EHT Nothing worth metion. Just 2 new 3* sand heroes.

My first SE, 7pulls Arman1, Marjana, others nor worthy


All other graphics are working fine for me, but the one by cap is not. Is it blank for everyone else too?

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Same here, can’t see the image

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Same here too, can’t see any of the 4 from @cap but can see the @Zartanis image.

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