Sand empire kicking out players

Me and my friends just got kicked out while playing Sand Empire. Me personally during stage 3 and me loosing 11 energy!!! Can someone look into this as it is obviously not just one case.


I just completed Stage 2 Advanced Level of Sand Empire got a disconnect notice from the game lost flags rewards and level completion not counted. When I tried to follow prompts to Get directly in contact with company to get a ticket number I was brought to a general search engine help page How can I directly contact company for service ticket any one know ?

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Probably due to bad connection?

It was not due bad connection as me and 2 other guys from same alliance got kicked out.

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You’ll need to submit a support ticket so they can take a look at specifically what happened in your game. You’ll want to let them know the approximate time and timezone that it happened in.

Here’s how to submit a ticket:

Out of interest, when you say “kicked out,” what exactly happened?


Yes I did to it locked up tight lost my Flags everything so I guess we’re pretty much screwed out of their Flags I don’t understand why they let something go before they don’t try it

Sand Empire has been out for a long time, and I don’t think they’ve changed the levels at all. I don’t believe most players are having difficulties with it–but, of course, that doesn’t make it any less annoying for you if your game crashes while you’re trying to play a level.

Here’s what SG recommends to deal with crashes:

You can certainly submit a support ticket. But my guess would be that since there are very few people reporting that they’ve had a crash, that support will assume it’s an issue with your phone. That’s just my guess, though. I don’t work for SG, and I’m not customer support.


I had an alliance member get “kicked out” of the Sand event mid-game. He was sent back to the main screen and lost his flags. I’m forwarding this link to him


If he has trouble getting a support ticket submitted, let me know and I’ll do what I can to help. The key thing is to use the “Support” button instead of “Report a Bug.”


I can also say it wasn’t a bad connection, as if it was a glitch, got knocked out at stage 9 adv just on the boss wave. No server error nor any connection error, the game just flipped and returned back to stage selection page, needless to say 11WE was lost.

I had filed a report with support right after.

But now that others are reporting the same issue then it may have been due to the server.

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I had the same problem it locked my game up it wouldn’t let me back into the game I have to reload the game took 4 hours lost my Flags on the first round in the sands I do not know how to do support tickets

If you go to the support menu in-game, there is a “Support” button on it. Click that, and it will take you to the correct website and auto-populate your Account ID.



That opens the menu to submit a request. Just click on the link. Good luck! I hope they can help you.


I did that and submitted it . Was I supposed to get a reference number?

Thank you for your help also

They should send you an email, which will have a reference number in it.

You can simply reply to that email if you have additional info for them. Usually, they get back to people in 1-2 business days (I’ve had it be faster, but don’t count on it, especially since it’s the middle of the night in Finland right now). I think it’s also Midsummer in Finland right now, which is a holiday period.

I’ll leave a message for staff about this thread, so at least they’re aware of it when they get back in tomorrow morning and can take a look quickly.

You’re welcome. I know how frustrating it is when you lose a bunch of WE. I’ve had it happen before, and it’s no fun.

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I found it sent a ticket in you been a great help for this old army buck :slight_smile:

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I haven’t received confirmation of my issue have you?

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