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I started playing in May 2018. Gaffar (In Germany Gafar) was my first 4* hero after Kashrrek.

As the sand or summer event started I was still a newbie with my Kashrrek, Bane, Ragnhild, Sharan and Layla. Neverthless I tried all those levels but I was at a point where I’ve had no chance anymore. I thought that the healing blocker was an amazing special. My strongest hero couldn’t help me anymore. I was impressed by the strength of those Aladdin-heroes.

Than I got that golden epic hero token. I used it immediately, of course. And it blew me away: I’ve gotten Gaffar! That enemy I couldn’t beat. So I was very, very, very happy and tried to level him up.

After a few months, I got several other heroes and nearly forgot about him (he wasn’t leveled after 3/forthysomething.

In the meantime he is fully leveled and beside his strong opponents I’ve got fully maxed (like Tiburtus, Sabina, Merlin, Rigard and Proteus) he looks like a forgotten one. But I love to throw Gaffar in the battlefield at war time against enemies with healers in the team. He still is quite usable because of his many little specials. So I have given him more chances in the last few weeks and I wasn’t disappointed.

You see I’ve got mixed feelings about Gaffar… but he was my first special one! (after Kashhrek of course) And so he will be in my E&P-heart forever although I hate Jaffar (from the Aladdin Disney movie) when I was a kid because he kissed the beautiful Jasmine (I know it was just a trick, but it happened).


What do you think of Gaffar?
Do you use him?


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