Sand Empire 2020--Possibly New Heroes?

Ok…Springvale has passed and I sure wasn’t expecting to see new heroes in that event.

However, It got me curious…are we getting new heroes in all seasonal events…or is this a one-time deal?

The 2020 sneak peak had the following to say about Seasonal Events:

“Bigger Seasonal Events: All Seasonal Events will be updated to include new heroes and rewards. More information coming later in 2020!”

Nothing is confirmed. It was confirmed (in the announcement above) that the seasonal events would be getting an overhaul this year.

When new/ updated heroes are added to Beta @zephyr1 will likely have a new #beta-beat thread for them. You can “subscribe” to these threads by;

  1. Click on the hashtag above (this one: #beta-beat)
  2. At the top of the screen, change it from “normal” to “watching first post”.

Doing that will get you a notification when a new #beta-beat thread is created.

Based on what we saw in the Springvale Update, we can reasonably expect the following updates to the Sand Empire Heroes & Quest:

  1. Family Bonus
  2. New Hero. Likely only a single 5* hero tho
    • Springvale NOW has 3x 5*, 2x 4* & 2x 3* heroes
    • Sand Empire ALREADY has 2x 5*, 2x 4* & 2x 3* heroes
  3. Updated Quest
    • Revision of the rewards, main addition being the emblems
    • New “Easy” mode
    • New bosses
    • Additional “Avatar” rewards.

Seeing as there is nothing officially confirmed tho I am closing this thread. As above, when something IS confirmed (likely not until May or June) there will be a new #beta-beat thread.


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