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A bit late to the game here. I went with the three-healers strategy, Hel for mana control and Musashi (self-healing special). All 4-star troops, except purple. Mostly used mana pots to keep opponents in last round from firing. Good luck all!

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Maybe not a must, but riposte is certainly very helpful in the boss round. When Rana and Yunan smack multiple targets, they might as well suffer for it!

The 2 x 4*’s have some emblems, Onatel & Poseidon 3/70, Inari 3/50… Managed to finish this pretty comfortably, only used 2 dragons and antidotes.

Gave me 6th dart, ascended Poseidon and have taken him to 4/65. The yellow trainer hero’s this event were great. He’s my first 5* to hit 4th tier.


Done deal as well!
Went into boss wave with a purple diamond and all special charged.
No items used as the cascade from the diamond created a red one :rofl: and got them to half health.
Proteus got to use his special a second time and no misses from Wu, so just took them out 3 tiles at the time.
7 rounds and it was over :partying_face:
No yellow 5* just yet, so darts will sit.


Well that was easier than i thought… yum darts


Last stage, done mostly with mana control. Took me 11 minutes total, but here are only bosses.


This is me playing the last level of Advanced mode. The boards were good so did not require any items, but it was fun. I forgot to use the antidote on Melendor in the end so the poor fellow died. And of course, Proteus is my best friend in all events. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you guys like it too. :slight_smile:

Thanks @madmarv and also others which is just use *4. I almost not want to achieve until last stage, because at level 15 Advanced is hard enough and at least has good reward (1 ETT). And my *4 bench is not yet all maxed. But I try… and finally Finished until stage 20! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Proteus is the key for me.
Use only 1 revive scroll for sabina (she is at 3.37). And bunch of minor heal, minor mana and bomb.


I used this rainbow team to finish sand normal and hard completely


My Team for Advanced 20 (all 4*)

The Battle

As usual, Proteus plus some Mana made life easy.

The Bosses never fired once, so it was just a matter of plugging away on damage.

It was a Pick on Scarlett kind of day for the AI, so she got killed about halfway through fighting the Bosses, but her strong tile damage lived on to help kill them all off.

My item usage was fairly minimal in the end.

Other Stages

Proteus and Rigard were mainstays throughout, and I used this same team on some of the other Stages.

I swapped in Kiril, Frida, and Grimm on many of the Stages without Yunan that had red and yellow monsters.

The Darts

RNG loves holy 5* for me, with 5 of my 10 unique 5* being holy: Vivica, Leonidas, Inari, Joon, and Ranvir.

Vivica is maxed and Inari is close, but the rest all need Darts.

With the new Darts, I’m now up to 8.

The first set are planned for Ranvir. When I eventually have a second set, they will likely go to Joon. Poor Leonidas will continue to sit at 3-70 for a long time, barring a change of plans.

Speaking of Inari

I’m loving her more and more, she fits very well into my “Nope Squad” approach to my 3-2 yellow/purple stack for purple tanks (and sometimes elsewhere), alongside Li Xiu, Proteus, Rigard, and Vivica.

I happily fed her the Trainer Hero as a reward.


Special game play

This is true.


All Bosses have a self cleanse. All Bosses have a special skill with a non-dispellable anti-healing debuff. All Bosses have a special skill with a Sand DOT.

This is having a huge impact on what healers to bring, and what battle items to bring.

Not sure what to bring to the Advanced Stage 20 battle

Melendor, Boldtusk, Rigard, Proteus, Wu Kong or
Melendor, Scarlett, Rigard, Proteus, Wu Kong or
Proteus, Rigard, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Wu Kong

5* Battle items

Most 5* Battle items are useless for non titans. This sucks. 5* Battle items that effect enemy only effect target making them useless for triple bosses compared to Dragon Attacks, Bomb Attacks and Arrow Attacks.


I am looking forward to next years Sand Empire when I can bring Panacea ( 500 HP all ally heal, cleanse all ally Sand DOT, all ally 3 turns of Attack +30% and Defense +30% ) and Titanium Shield ( target and nearby reflect all status effects and X% of damage ). Panacea and Titanium Shields are relatively cheap for 5* battle items ( only requires 1* / 2* titan parts ).

If I get any loot dropped Hurricanes ( upgraded Tornado ) or Time freezes ( upgraded time stop ), I might try them for Seasonal events.


Advanced stages

Just completed Advanced Stage 20 Sand Empires with Melendor 4*+15, Boldtusk 4*+15, Rigard 4*+14, Proteus 4*+12, Wu Kong 4*+15

Took 60% and 25% mana potions. Triple bosses never fired specials so did not need antidotes. If Proteus missed due to Gambler’s stance, just recharged Proteus with mana potions, and fired again. Did not need my other two battle item slots.

Normal Stages

Only completing Normal stages of Sand Empires this year to get all the avatars and for iron ( better iron per WE than 1.7-7 my usual Rugged clothes farming spot).

I will probably skip it next year.


I :heart: my Proteus. Level 15 difficult they didn’t generate any mana up until this point.


I did not have proteus. I had to use Gretel and Merlin for mana control. In addition I also used red potions, time stops and revive scrolls. It wasn’t easy but totally doable


First time for me, since I started just 10 months ago. Initially I did not want to finish, but this thread gave me some helpful advice. Thanks to all for sharing teams, strategies and videos. :pray:

Last stage was not as hard as I thought.

Used two healing pots in the mob waves and kept Hel with mana pots firing continuously for the bosses mana gain blocking. The screenshot shows all the mana thy got :sunglasses:

The trainer is saved for Poseidon (3-63 atm) for the last levels to 4-80 (together with 5 3* trainers in stock). Darts are for leonidas, I have 11 now)


Onatel + Time Stop = no problem at all

Was kinda easy.

Lots of information posted in OP but no one’s posted what the boss HP for advanced 20 is?

EDIT: Seems like advanced 20 on sand empires is 4627 HP according to some video. Really think that stuff should be posted in OP

I run my defense team (too lazy to assemble specific team) on every stages of the advanced mode, the last stage bosses didn’t even fire.


Got the EHT. That’s it for me. Drew Arman Arman Hisan Hisan and a clutch of season one 3* heroes. Bleh.

So I got a bit lucky with matches and the bosses did not fire specials at the same person but still, first Advanced Season completed for me. Had to use only single Time Stop too.


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