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having. a good run with this team:

sometimes I swap Sabina out for Kiril for extra punch against Purple bosses, but generally having 3 purples is more useful.


This ended up being my crew through the end. Took small heals, antidotes, bombs and dragons. Used most of the potions, about three antidotes, and two bombs. Easier than expected.


So this ended up to be my cleaning TEAM, basically used them from normal to advanced till lvl 19.
On the last advanced lvl 20, wanted to use this one and thats what I did:


Used 3 small mana potions, one for Rigard in the mob levels since they were picking on him and two for the demi-god Proteus in the boss stage, always in the boss stage used a bomb and a dragon attack.


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Cant pass level15 on advanced . Any help here?

Proteus, mana pots, a sniper and 3 healers will do the trick…

Also dragons and bombs just in case…


Hi everyone,

my current team for advanced:

Kunchen 4/80 + 2
Tiburtus 4/70 + 7
Wilbur 4/70 + 8
Sonya 4/70 + 7
Onatel 3/70

Got Gormek 4/70 + 7 and Melendor 4/70 + 6 and some other 3/60 Heroes (Boril, Li Xiu, Anzogh, Little John, Scarlett) … No more purple

I think with my team I should be able to complete advanced if I am lucky with tiles. What do you think?

That looks like a very viable crew to me. Maybe better than the team I finished with. Good luck.

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Event completed! I’m faulty for Let Li Xiu dying, but common items were more than enough. Happy for the darts, which are waiting for a wortht owner.

BTW, event wasn’t as hard as many people were complaining, but those specials were not to underestimate.

I spent some tokens here hoping for some event heros, but just Hisan and Arman. For the collection, I guess.

Great event, I have enjoyed it from the very beginning (I wasn’t playing this game 1 year ago). Good luck for the ones on way to finish it


Proteus is your best friend for every Event , its mana lock + mana potion = op

my line up proteus - gm - ariel - tarlakk - proteus

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First time to complete Sand Empire and first post on the forum. Playing for almost one year, C2P.

Team was: BT, Elena, Tibs, Rigard, Quintus

Started the last round with everyone’s special ready and a dragon attack. Yunan got super ugly with Elena and BT. But the riposte took him out…instant karma! From there it was much easier. Didn’t have to use many items!

Enjoyed this event a lot!


Congrats, and welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

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Three healers???

Maybe Riposte is a must?

Needed one healing potion (Joon almost got killed during the third wave) and 4 small mana potions to charge Proteus - easygoing hard stage, Proteus makes the difference!

Sand Empire Advanced Level 20 tutorial using only 4-star classic heroes.

Team is Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Rigard, Little John. The strategy is equal parts color stacking, riposte damage and using Little John’s mana generation debuff.


Thanx i have boril wonder if it will work
And Proteus instead of little john
Maybe wilbur instead of tibertus…
Bt i have
Rigard i have…

What dobyou mean healing down??

Yes all of those options could work. Do try to color stack at least against either against Gafar and/or Yunan though if you run 2-2-1. I chose to go 3-1-1 with the understanding that tripling up purple would be workable here because Gafar isn’t exactly tanky the way Yunan is. If you color stacked blue, I don’t think you would do very well hitting Yunan with tiles and you would have to rely on riposte alone to take him down.

Wilbur, Boldtusk, Proteus, Rigard and either another red or purple should do the trick. Maybe your biggest hitter in those colors. Riposte is not entirely necessary if you’ve got Proteus and can keep him charged up to lock down those bosses’ SS.

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Need mana potions too

So rigard bt healers
Proteus with mana potions
Wilbur 4.45 in
Magni 4.13 in

Maxed Wu out
Maxed Hansel out?
Frida 2.60?
Boril 3.6o
Margaret 2.25 out

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