🌴 Sand Empire 2019: Rana – Thoughts & Discussion

You need to max her, damage increase DOT

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Thanks @rogerdeath, I didn’t know it’s an ATT dependent value! It all makes sense now.
So 103 is 0.547 * (482 ATT *1.18 from troops) / 3 turn :slight_smile:


Jabbar is a fantastic 4* tank for the 4* raid tourneys imo

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Thank you @zephyr1!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I just pulled Rana to go with 4 other yellow 5 stars in total; but of course I only have 2 poison darts :frowning_face: My spread of 5 stars is now 5 yellow, 2 purple and 1 blue - probably shouldn’t complain too much in case the RNG gods are listening…


I can relate, RNG seems to have a propensity for holy 5* for me too. Of my unique 5* heroes, 5 are holy out of a total of 10. (And 3 are nature, so I guess RNG has a little crush on green too.)


My junior account pulled Rana today. I’m still sort of overjoyed. She’ll walk with me for a long time and be my tank, although I’m nowhere near to ascend her yet. I’ll have Gregorion to go with her, I believe they’ll be a formidable pair that will some day take me to diamond level.

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I’m super happy. My first 9 pulls got me 3*s. then I got two epic hero tokens from a war chest today, and decided to use instead of saving (I mean, when the opportunity knocks)…

and pulled Sonya and RANA. I was at work but I nearly shouted for joy lol!

now I can triple stack Yellow, my others being Li Xiu and Inari. Maxing Inari now and eager to start on Rana. i have zero poison darts left, but am going to keep my eye out for them as I really want to ascend Rana as soon as I can!


sorry not sure if this being compared before. Rana or Joon better for war/raids?

Depends on your team composition.

Rana is extremely useful against field aids and her DoT is nothing to sneeze at.

Joon is superb if you want to kill a specific hero and works very well with Jackal.

If you have both, it all depends who your opponents are. Or if you play mono yellow like me, just use both.

It took me a bit longer than I thought to max Rana but finally it happened yesterday. Darn those darts. Junior acco is not so Junior anymore, running defence of 4218 with maxed Seshat, Rana, Grazul, Finley and Kingston.

I really like Rana, she is very good choice as a first holy 5*. High usability and good titans too, before I got that last dart I made my first 100k titan hit. Rana 3/70 was part of that team.


How does Rana compare to Yunan? She seems equivalent if not better than him. I keep reading about how Yunan is better than Rana.

If anyone can help me out, I’d appreciate it. Thank You :hugs:

Personally? I like both of them equally.

I have both maxed & enjoy using both in Wars & raids.

In terms of damage output:

So Rana does more damage to a single target (both in direct damage & in DoT) but Yunan has the benefit of hitting an extra 2 enemies… But at Slow speed vs average speed.

Other Major Differences are:

  • Attack Stats. Rana is farrrr more offence oriented than Yunan is… Rana gets consideration on Titans; Yunan doesn’t due to his terrible Attack Stat.

  • Class. Rana is Monk Class vs. Yunan as Fighter. Fighter is generally considered one of the best class talents. Both classes have some stiff competition for emblems but could argue both are worth

  • Defence Team. Rana isn’t really great in a defence team / I haven’t had much success with her there. Yunan on the other hand is a great tank; particularly when flanked with Vela (sound familiar?). I have run him at tank with >60% win ratio over a 1 month period.

  • Healing Debuff. Rana = -75% to 3 while Yunan = -50% to all.


Thanx @Guvnor. Really opened my eyes on both of them. While I’d like one of each of them, I REALLY like Rana as I need yellow. I already have Evelyn+7, Kingston +2, and unleveled: Heimdal, Tarlak, Telluria, Liana, Guardian Chameleon. Soooo, I don’t have to have Yunan. In yellow I have Drake Fong+2 and Poseidon+2 with no other yellow 5*s to work on. So it’s time for another yellow. Hope it’s Rana! :slight_smile::hugs:

Drake & Rana pair really nicely together :slight_smile: both do pretty hefty Damage to 3 enemies… Usually the two of them are enough to kill or maim a middle trio of any defence team if you get them charged.

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And include there Onatel (she and Rana run at average mana speed while Drake is fast) and you got a trio that hits 3, with Rana doing DoT and heal ailment, Onatel gathering generated mana and Drake blinding them, not to mention that Onatel heals them 3 a little while Drake (need to be fired first for the other 2 to gain the additional perks) buffs attack and defense due to their Element Link.

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New thread live as part of the ongoing #hero_cards :slight_smile:

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