Sanctuary of Gargolyes Challenge Event - Feedback / Balance discussion

I aimed to complete.

Only had to redo Epic 10; cleared on 4th try with mono purple. Legendary was literally a walk in the park with mono blue (including Miki), even had time to dawdle. TreeVil was a godsend for Rare.

Hardly used any items. Tried to keep meter below 50%.

I have no gripe with making a challenge event harder than the rest, as long as the completion rewards as well as ranking rewards are commensurate. If I know the completion rewards are to “die” for, I wouldn’t gripe about throwing in 75 gems to get it over and done with.

In this case, the completion and ranking reward tiers were basically copy and paste, and then changing here and there to relate better to the event.

If SGG wants to drive players to summon more, to get better heroes for events or even expand roster to have teams for events, different RT rules and different war rules, then they have to concede something in return for players expending more and more cold hard cash to fill their coffers monthly.

This is their current pattern :

  1. Keep releasing new heroes to drive engagement with players’ wallets

  2. Keep releasing new content to drive engagement with players’ time. Keep them really busy and addicted to the game. They won’t have time to explore other games.

They forgot one very important facet about this type of games:


More so now when SGG is pushing (1) and (2).

More Players must feel good about rewards earned after expending time, money and effort on this game. Not just the top 500 or top 1000.

If they want to maintain a big player base, to keep the game alive, then they need to please more than the top 500 or top 1000. They need to look at top 100,000, top 10%, given that active player base for RT is around <1m.

If they are even nicer with the lowest tier rewards, that would help the newer players too. So why not 3 tokens : silver, EHT, ETT? Why only 1 sad silver token ?

I can’t see how their bank account will suffer adversely with them giving more.


The event was totally fine. Weak rosters do not do well. Deep rosters do well. Strategic teams with advanced troops perform better. When you are having a hard time in the final stages you just have to re-think your heros and develop. The game is not at fault for your development. When you write a test you get a score card and try to learn what can you do to improve? All good!

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Compared to CoK this event was fine. My opinion is based on the fact I didn’t have to replay any stage - I was able to beat them on the first try. Monsters are easy to kill, no problem here. I think that the only problem are bosses and their special skills. Personally I think that their specials are too strong. I used Proteus so I could stop their mana and don’t let them fire at all, but if I didn’t have it, I know that killing the bosses would not be so easy.
Firing your heroes fills the stoneskin bar. Cascading tiles charge enemy mana bars quite fast, so you keep getting hit with their specials and then they get stoneskin and that makes them even harder to kill.
Maybe it was intentional to make it that way, so that players with key heroes can finish it. I’m not saying that Proteus is a key hero here, because I know that people managed to finish this event without mana controllers, but maybe it would be less stressfull and frustrating.
At least rewards for completing all 3 difficulties are interesting unlike CoK.

I think this event is a new way to spend gems, it’s very difficult to finish the last stage.


Managing the stoneskin effect is alright but what surprised me the most is the boss’ mana speed. It seemed like a mere 6-10 tiles were enough to charge them, making it tedious with their stoneskin dispelling their status ailments and needing to use a dispeller to remove status ailments the bosses just casted, and a healer to recover the damage received.

More or better prizes to reflect the increased difficulty would be good.


This event was equal to the Slayer event. Kill mob with tiles, go into final stage unleash specials, axe/bomb/arrow, then mana pot till their dead. I would say that the stage effect should give them their stoneskin effect though.

I didn’t try it… But i could have easily entered the boss stage, with full minions and just set off isarnia, then pengi, then mana potted pengi 5 times… Then deal with stone skin with tiles for 1 turn. My guess is that i would have done just fine… But i don’t like using items…

Being new to the game, my expectation is that with a fully leveled team of Rare/Epic/Legendary heroes I can complete the associated challenge level. Not place, but complete. I don’t have a full team of 5 stars so I didn’t even attempt Legendary. I found Rare very manageable but Epic hugely frustrating in level 8 and 10. I did eventually manage it (by swapping in LB 3stars of all things) but the whole event would have left me bitter if I hadn’t. Its a game. Its supposed to be fun. This wasn’t fun.


i found that this challenge event not really so difficult at all but require some luck. I complete rare and legendary lv 10 with 1 pass but tried 4-5 times for epic lv 10 for each of my 2 accounts because often bad boards in boss lv such that Proteus could not charge his special and no time stop could be used to stop bosses special in epic lv.

So if you tried 4 or 5 times on epic lvl 10, it means it’s difficult. In most events it doesn’t matter if the board is good or bad, you can still win it. Also, most people heavily relied on ONE hero (Proteus). None of the events should be structured like this, that one specific hero is the main key to winning.

I think the event was more difficult, but mainly because it took a bit of a different strategy for me to beat. I couldnt just stack and throw tiles, then fire specials when they were ready. The Stoneskin made for a longer, drawn out fight. I took 3 healers and 2 mana controllers, which made the fight rather easy, but just took FOREVER to beat the last stage.

Was it to difficult? Maybe for those without a deep roster. Did I like the fact that I had to change tactics and think? Most definitely! DO have to say that the purple guy on Stage 10 Epic would wreck your entire team if you didnt take him out first!

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Maybe i have played for about 2 years and have some good heroes available. So i like this kind of event which requires some technique to pass. Failed several times because i needed to try what teams to be used for the epic lvl 10 bosses according to the heroes available of my 2 accs. Felt not really so difficult because i could complete eventually.

I put together 3x tips for anyone struggling with RARE & EPIC Gargoyle Event completion.
Please note this a complete not compete video. i.e. not for top scorers.

Please LMK what you think


Don’t let it deter you next time, you don’t want to miss out on those 300 emblems. Legendary is actually easier than Epic, because you can use much more powerful items. Timestops are life savers.

I went with Gullinbursti+20/Mist+18/c Vivica/c Leonidas/Faline (none of them LBd) and timestops/big manas/tornadoes/dragons. I barely used any item, except for timestops on stages 8-10.

The mobs are weak, so you have all the time in the world to charge your heroes, overheal to 200% health if you have an overhealer, and set up a good board before entering the boss wave. I’m pretty sure you can do it with emblemed 4* only.

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Maybe I’ll give it a go on the next one… I still don’t have an overhealer. Conga, Motega and Xno will be maxed by then though. Along with Wilbur and my newly acquired Proteus maybe its enough to see me through.


All you have to lose is WE, and there isn’t much else to do with it during challenge events anyway. :man_shrugging:

Overheal helps a lot, but it must be doable without it. I’ve seen a lot of team compositions - including one with Motega - that managed to beat it. The trick is really preventing the stage 10 purple boss from firing and killing him asap, the other 2 aren’t much of a threat.

My overall point is that “Legendary” is just a word. Most of the game’s content is beatable with 4* heroes or less than ideal teams - in great part thanks to items - and I wish someone had told me that back in the day.

Good luck in your E&P journey!


Will do :blush: I think I was just so frustrated with Epic 10 that I was fed up with the event altogether by the time I finally beat it. And because the rewards for individual levels suck and I didn’t believe I could possibly complete Legendary I didn’t even try.


After the CoK rewards, the rewards from this event seems generous :sweat_smile: I´m glad each tier still gives out something, instead of them all piled together like in CoK. I really dislike that, and I´m not sure I´ll do CoK next time.

Anyway! My trick for this event was to bring overhealers, minions and then counter attack heroes, two of them, and have their special active, once Goseck fires, and he one or two shots himself. It seemed better to allow him to fire, so he could kill himself, than to let him live. But he sure is a pain to deal with, they all are.

Good luck next time :rose:


You are not alone. :joy: Now imagine trying to get a high score on this damn stage and you can picture how aggravated I was.

That’s what I thought the first time I tried Legendary in a challenge event and Hard Mode in a seasonal one (Springvale 2021? :thinking:) with 4* and a 3/70 Tarlak. Finally I said f it, I’m going for it and I made it wo/ having to replay a single stage.

You seem to be further than I was back then, so I have no doubt you’ll kill em all. :smiling_imp: