Sanada Maru in need of new Members

Some long time members left us recently due to Jobs, Kids or simply having enough of it. Anyway since we mostly lurk around in the Top40-70 we require some flexed Troops 29+ either Mage or Mana. Decent Purple Tank for Very Fast War like Alfrike Ludwig LuBu Xnolphod and decent Purple Tank for all other Wars.
Just contact us over Line (koeisamurai or doshier-the-scout )
Mythic Titan is usually Top 100 Alliance Quest depends on our item count but the last 3 times we were between Rank 80 to 200


Can I join your alliance? I am new to the game but eager to learn! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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am i eligible to join?

my top purple tank is prisca +20 and LBed.
yellow : dawa +20 & LBed
red: nashgar +18 non LBed
blue: krampus 3.70, waiting for 2 scopes
green: jenneh +20 & LBed

really wanna join ur elite alliance, let’s conquer the world of EP together :yum::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Krampus with or without costume ? @mogulemon :rofl::rofl: :smile:

krampus with costume, got it from HA 10 several weeks ago.
still waiting for scopes right now.

once i maxed him, i’m sure i can build great defense so i can contribute to sanada maru alliance war armies if they let me join :muscle::muscle::muscle:

using purple tank? no worries, my LBed prisca will absorb all the war hits

here’s my plan if Sanada Maru using purple tanks:

jenneh - dawa - PRISCA - krampus - nashgar

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:rofl: You will be accepted for sure :grin: All the best, conquer the E&P world :trophy::1st_place_medal:

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only if they let me in… (hopefully)

note: if they let me in, please set the cups at 600 temporarily so i can enter…

I like the YouTube videos… If i were a free agent… I’d ask to join to be the worst player on a good team… But I’m content where i am.

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