Samsung Galaxy kicked out of the game when a text message arrived

Has anyone else lost connection to the game because a text message has arrived? This happened to me twice today. My provider is Verizon and I have a Samsung Galaxy 6. A text message preview came onto my screen and suddenly I was kicked out of the game. Once this morning during a high level on season 2. And once this morning while I was fighting the Titan.

Maybe the mediators of the game would like to throw a little Titan energy my way to make up for the loss?

Hi @K8e, and welcome to the forum. The forum is mainly players like you and me talking to each other, although Small Giant staff do read and comment on posts. It also isn’t set up to deal with individual account issues, and it doesn’t look like anyone else has reported issues hete on the forum with game crashes when text messages arrive.

The game has nothing to do with external notifications on your phone, and shouldn’t be able to interact with them at all, so it actually sounds to me like there might be a problem on your phone rather than a bug in the game. You might try freeing up memory, as low memory can cause crashes on Android phones when multiple things are happening at once.

Here’s what Small Giant recommends for dealing with game crashes:

If you’d like to submit a support ticket and have Small Giant take a look, here’s how to do that:

But my guess is there’s not much they’ll be able to do.

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Game Launcher on Galaxy has a setting that blocks notifications when games are open.
It’ll ignore texts, and tell you at the top of the screen if someone is trying to call you without interrupting the game. Maybe that could work

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