Same user? Or same thoughts on how to select a winning team?

I find it a little interesting that the top 2 spots in rankings in the Legendary levels for the KOA event have the exact same team. I don’t care if it is the same person with different accounts, but if not that’s a hell of a coincidence. However if it is the same person, the amount of luck and money put into this game by them is astounding.

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Seems like a pretty standard team to me…
However I don’t think that @Uclapack has another account, it’s already time consuming competing with just one :stuck_out_tongue:


it is 10000000% different people :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe if #1 & #2 are using the same team its a pretty good indicator of it’s power & usefulness :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also note that the troops are different Levelled. ULCA has 2x 30s while MisuElSo has only a 26)


Exact same team and levels ( including the same amount of emblems on Kingston ) ? Sure troops could be different because it takes time to build the exact same teams but that’s one hell of a coincidence.

Look through the leader-board. betcha there are other teams who have the same make-up…

Coincidence it all you like, they are not the same person

Also idk how you do troops but going from level 13 mana troop to level 30 is not a “quick” thing to do… neither for that matter is a lvel 26 → 30 crit troop… never mind the second mana troop from 3 → 13


Think about it , you’re reducing this incredible coincidence to more than one player thinking he exact thing. Fine have the same line up, in the exact same order and to emblem the exact same hero with the exact same amount. It’s at the very least an incredible coincidence.

They’re not the same person lmfao. One of them mimicked the other since you can see the last team they set in events.


Uhhh no… not that much of a coincidence…

You have heard of Mimicry yes? also the order listed makes sense to mash left to right…

Elemental Defence Down followed by Regular Defence Down followed by 3x snipers…

As for the heroes well +18 is a reasonable level for most top tier players to be at… so the fact that both players have +18 on Kingston (arguably the best place to put Fighter emblems) is not at all much of a coincidence…

I’m done on this thread lol… I’ve tried my hardest…

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Ok whatever , bye lol. Keep thinking that two people thought the exact same thing. I did say it’s and incredible coincidence, how you don’t think that it’s at least that is beyond comprehension. I specifically said that it’s not necessarily the same person but yet a great coincidence especially having the exact same emblems on one character and no one else.

One person copied the other after the fact. It wasn’t a “they thought the same thing.” It’s not hard to do in the p2w arena as I have no doubt both of these guys are. Everything is at your disposal. It happens a lot.


Ok i’ll bite…

Let’s go through the heroes on those event teams:

Kingston = Fighter class. As i said, one of the best options available. ULCA doesn’t have a fighter on her current defence team. MiSo has Kingston in left wing… makes sense to me to emblem the best available…

Buddy = 4* hero… for top tier players 4* heroes don’t really get many emblems… especially not ranger class…

Gregorion & Evelyn & Lianna = All 5* rangers… Looking again at UCLA defence, there is a +19 Finley there (and an +0 Seshat) both of whom are better options for emblems than Greg. MisoElSo has a +17 Alasie on his Right wing… so… no available emblems for any of the rangers…

Also going thru a couple more of the top 10 teams:
#3 = dummy team (all unlevelled 5* heroes)
#4 = mono green also, couple different heroes tho
#5 = Mono Red + Miki, All 4* heroes so unlikely to be the main team used.
#6 = Mono Green. Pretty the same as the two above but have tarlak in for Kingston…
#7 = Mono Green. Same set-up as the two here except has Tarlak in for Lianna (tile buff)
#8 = dummy team (only single red)
#9 = dummy team (empty)
#10 = dummy team (5x 1-1 kingston)

So is it so far a coicidence that two best players used the same team? no… I mean if it isn’t broken don’t fix it…

If your issue is the emblems i mean seriously??? All the high-level alliance players have +18-+20 on their main heroes now…

As I said, the order the heroes in makes sense from a speed of mashing specials perspective…
Fire Tile buffer first (tarlak) followed by the two defence down (evelyn & buddy, the higher debuff first = evelyn). Then you whack your snipers…

If you watch some of UCLA’s videos you’ll see that speed is everything in making the top 3…

(note, boards shown & played are after MANY flee’s… they only play the best boards through)


Knowing that heroes are not a tradeable thing in game its ilogical thinking that they are the same person

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I dunno. @Guvnor and @KLinMayhem both seem to be saying that they’re different people; that’s one helluva coincidence. I think it’s the same person with two forum accounts.


Stop encouraging him :stuck_out_tongue:


What happened here is something that happens in any other Game. Its called mimic . It happens in competitive pokemon , It happens in Hearthstone a card Game and surely happens in E&P at least in competitive playing.



This is 20 characters.


Even if the same person, the odds of having the exact same heroes at the exact same level in both accounts are about the same (or worse) as it occurring with two different people.


Lol I appreciate your enthusiasm, however, like I said it absolutely can be two different players. My one sticking point is that they both chose not to emblem ANY of their Rangers even though they are all maxed out and both chose to give the exact same amount of emblems to the exact same hero. You mean to tell me they both have absolutely zero Ranger emblems? And why would I mimic someone’s exact emblem numbers if I can do better ? Why not emblem any of my Rangers? Any-who, thanks for participating :blush:

someone’s not reading:


No no , you’re not reading . Take the other person who’s mimicking. Why didn’t they choose to emblem any of their rangers . Are you gonna tell that they also have the same heroes on their rosters too? C’mon now.