Same opponent in Tournament right after victory

Just killed a man’s def team and voila, got him again as the next opponent. Have a video of it but can’t download due ton restrictions

Upload to youtube, then post youtube link?


This is just visual proof. The problem is clear from the description

I require visual proof before I believe anything I read on the internet.



I require visual proof and FBI-analysis of said proof to validate that no image doctoring or video-frame manipulation has occurred.


Here you are


but hey-- at least you won! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen it before on my own and kind-of shrugged it off as SG’s matchmaking failures abound.

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That’s photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels.

lol j/k. Strange that still happens though.

I recommend opening a support case

Submit a request – Empires & Puzzles Support

Happened to me twice

Had this happen before. Bottom line is that it’s possible but unlikely :slight_smile:

Here’s my thread that I put up about it:

I’ve seen it a couple of times too. Its rare but I don’t think it’s actually a bug, just a crazy reroll

this happens to me in every tournament. Only I will lose the battle than they give me someone else and I will win that battle just to be matched with the same person I lost to and again I will lose. I’ve given up on raid tournaments. Just be glad you won both times :joy:

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