Same level too much power

Why is It ? Lets say two lvl 32 or 42 .

One has a full emblemed 5* rainbow team with Ursena and powerful heroes and the other doesnt .
Why is this game so unfair ? Why two user same level but one is weaker

Generally speaking, differences like that come down to spending.

Money can buy a fair amount of advantage in speed of progress, and additional chances at heroes. It can’t buy everything in this game, but certainly can buy enough to explain differences between players at similar XP levels.

Keep in mind you also can’t see a player’s roster, only their Defense. So that may also not reflect all of their heroes.

Its not easy to max a 5* . You need to have the mats , resources and time consuming.
I know that lvl 32 person have more than one 5* for each color . I assume he has more or less the same time playing than i.
I dont figure it out from which place he took too many mats to do the trick

It’s true, it is resource and time consuming — but players who choose to spend more can accelerate that process by purchasing Ascension Materials, Trainer Heroes, additional Summons, resources, etc.


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