Same heroe,same level but different power!

Why does Gunnar have different power on level 50??
I have two Gunnar,both on level máx and one have 428 power and the other have 418Screenshot_2017-12-27-12-03-36Screenshot_2017-12-27-12-06-03

what troop do you pair it whit, the same or diffrent?

1 special is at lvl 7 the other at 5.


It doesnt matter,because troops dont change the heroe fixed power, they
only can change attack,defense or health…

428 power on the right top of the card thats the maximum power of the heroe
no matter what if he have troops equiped or not

Special abilitty dont increase the hero fixed power… i have bane on level
50 since e had special abbility on 4, power 427,and then i increase to 8/8
and he still the same 427 power

Whiskey is right. Maxed out Bane has 432 power.


Just like others have said, your special ability increases the hero power too. Every level it goes up it is worth 5 hero power.

Just to provide another example. Here is a lvl 50 Bane with 8/8 special. Below it is a lvl 50 Bane with 5/8 special. The difference of hero power 432 and 417 is 15, 5 power per special level. Also note the fine print below the weaker Bane, it prompts you that you can level the hero special further.


You re right
Thank you very much

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What’s the fix for that

Increase the special is only way to ‘solve’ this.
So keep feeding him till special is 8/8

Er… or don’t? Because to me that would be a waste of feeding material. Level up something new instead! :]

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Exactly. Why waste feed. Not fair at all

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