Same hero from tc20

Hi there, can any explain me how tc20 work. I have 3 tc20 and 1 tc11. How is possible to get same 3* hero on 2 of them? I tought is random?
And other week i got on 2 accounts 2 wolfs and 3 brienne in same time. If some account are not set to get or no heroes how is possible to get same hero in same rime? Is the chance per account range or how.
I mention is exactly same happen with Vivica. I got it on both accounts after 1.3 years with in a week.

Is this happen to any one else? To get same hero on 2-3 accounts with in a close time range???

Randomness is complex. It may be that they are using a pseudorandom algorithm and you have the same seed.ñ on both accounts. But it is improbable and it may be just coincidence.
Out of millions players to some of us may happen.


The probabilities aren’t stacked or co-dependent.

Simplest thought is if you flip a coin you have 2 options: Heads or Tails. The next time you flip it you have the same chances of heads or tails and what you got the previous time doesn’t have any effect on this new draw.

Probability component is the likely hood of getting ‘x’ amount of heads in a row.

(or so they want you to think…the conspiracy theorists run amok trying to dispute the randomness of the RNG/algorithms)


Voidsstrike there are aproximativ T5* 2XT4* and 3XT3* heroes and the coin anlogy is not even close.
For me happen many time to get 2Xsame3* and one other. Like i say for about a year i am using 3Xtc20 and 1tc11.
I was just curios if many have same experience.

@R0BlN i was thinking about same sort of random at both accounts but that will be like players from x to y have chance for 5* and that is not so nice :frowning:

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We don’t know exactly how the RNG works or what they are using as the feed for it.

However, TC20 has 75% chance of pulling a 3*. There are 24 different 3* heroes you can pull.

The odds of two pulls being the same 3* are not that astronomical. You have a 1/32 chance of pulling a specific 3* hero on each pull (3/4 * 1/24), which is actually better odds than pulling any 5* at all from a portal.

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I used the coin analogy just to present that each draw is independent of each other.

If all odds were equal, the chance of drawing a specific character are 2.18% (1 in 46).

However we know that the odds are stacked and there is a greater chance of drawing 3* then 4* and lowest chance of drawing 5*.

There are only 24 3 star heroes available from a TC20. Now, assuming there are 1,000,000 TC20-s running everyday then statistically there would be 1,000,000x0.75/24 = 31250 TC20-s producing the same 3* hero everyday (this is assuming 75% draw rate of 3 star heroes from TC20 and that all 3 stars are equally probable). So, there is a good chance that two of those 31250 TC20-s might be yours. It might not occur everyday, but there is a good chance of it happening once in a while. :slight_smile:

The reason it can happen is because it IS random.

Put 24 ping pong balls in a bag numbered 1 through 24. Draw one. Write the number down. Put it back in the bag. Shake them up. Draw another ball. Sometimes you’re going to draw the same number.

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I’d say the primary complaint in this forum is from people who don’t understand statistics and randomness. I don’t know if it’s educational or cultural but I do see this complaint a lot more from those whose primary language is not English.

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@ThePirateKing thank you. You a star with the maths. At least i am the most lacky person in this game if i am not in others since this happen very often. At least once a month i get 2 x3* heroes same from 3xtc20
Thank you all. I was just curios how many people get same heroes in same time from tc20.
That let them there is not working with me sine i am very curios :slight_smile:


Always happy to help and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: If you ever need anything just ask away and you will always find good help from all the amazing people here. And, I also run 3x TC20, so it has happened to me a few times too. Anyway, have a good day sir. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is related with primary language…

Definitely is related to " English primary language" not to the fact that 2 days ago i got 2 Graymane and today 2 Jahangir.
And i do apologize for my bad English, is not my first language but is not polite for me to ask in other language that the forum one.


I wanted to say, that understanding better or worse the statistics behind the randomness, or the amount of complains about randomness, in my opinion is not related to primary language.

It’s just my opinion


Randomness is just that: one day you can get a same hero twice, other day you get 3* and 5*. Happened to me with Gan Ju. While improbable, it’s still quite possible and many players here had seen even rarer things like pulling 2x 5* and such. With the amount of players playing Empires & Puzzles, you’re bound to see even extremely rare events (with odds like 1:100000) to happen to someone. On top of that the RNG is not really RNG even, but more precisely Pseudorandom Number Generator, most likely Mersenne Twister. These generators generate numeric sequences that approach randomness, but are not truly random.

Randomness is a complex topic not easily understood. The fact is very, very few things are TRULY random and most reside in the quantum subatomic state. Many things we think of as random are actually better described as chaotic. We still try to impose order on them to make them easier to understand, and therein lies the main source of confusion.

I’m running 3 TC20 for 5-6 months now. I got even 3 Bane at the same time. RNG at work. For example, few months ago got 2 Elkanen in the very same second from two different TC. It just happens…

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