Same Hero Draw


Please, I really wish the Programers will set it up so when you use 300 diamonds or spend money to buy diamonds to get an epic draw. That you don’t get an hero you already have, an maxed. It’s frustrating, waste of time and money, makes one want to delete this game.


Some of us use double colors against Titans…two Banes could be used against a Purple Titan for example, as yellow hits count double against purple.

Depends on what you got double of.

If you build a lvl 12 Training Camp, you can make your own 3* heroes (and face getting doubles too; I did many times). Eat what you can’t use and raise the others. shrug


It’s a lottery, so it may happen to have a double card sometimes.

What i don’t understand at all it’s the 10x summon. It’s absurd many times you get 3/4 even 7 identical heroes.
I understand SG can’t set up the summon to get everytime a different hero (this way on a 10x summon you get for sure 1 or 2 five star), but they at least may put a limit on two same hero for sequence.

I know a guy who receive 7 Bane at once. 7 !


Yeah, I’d be a little miffed with 7 of the same card! :thinking:


They want you to spend a lot. If this was implemented their income would drop dramatically, so I doubt it will happen.


I agree with everything that has been said on this topic. It is very apparent by the way that this game is set up that they want you to spend money and I’m sure that there are customers that will continue to spend money and then there are those that will stop spending money because of the manner in which heroes are summoned.
I understand what was said about using more than one of a particular hero in your line up against titans, etc. However, the summoning process could be set up so that you don’t get any duplicates when you summon 10 heroes and if you want duplicates after you’ve received the first 10 heroes then you have the option to purchase another 10. I would feel a lot better about spending my money knowing that I’m not getting duplicates than to spend my money and get very frustrated because i received 4 of the same hero. At this point i will say that i will not be spending any more money on the current summoning process. If it is revised i will consider it.


There are 12 heroes in the Elemental Summon this week. If I get ten unique heroes with every ten summons, I’m far more likely to get a 5*, when perhaps I’m not meant to at that “low” cost…

Just a thought.