Same hero different power by max lvl


Hi guy’s and sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:
Can someone explain to me how is that possible ?
I have Hero Bane max lvl and he have 412 Power instead 432 and he make less damage 280% instead 300% and by Hero Berden is the same. I can put only one screenshoot because im new member on comm forum sorry for that and tnx for helping :slight_smile:


You gain power even levelling the special.
This Bane is only at 4/8 for special, so he get 432 when has 8/8 special.


Ah so tnx mate i didnt know that i was thinking that Hero with max lvl reach his max. :slight_smile:


You can reach 8/8 feeding him even at max level, but it’s highly recommend to max it before since you dont get exp from the heroes.