Same Color/Element/Type of Titans over and over in a row, or repeated frequently. Is this normal? [Yes, it can happen, it’s RNG]

What is up since last update things have seemed off now 3 purple Titans in a row seriously what is going on

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It happens. My alliance saw 3 blues in a row because we increased star and then dropped back down and got the exact same titan for titan 1 and 3. Order: (Primal Lizard 6*, Glacial Mammoth 7*, Primal Lizard 6*). Titans are randomly generated just like a bunch of other stuff in this game. Just like we’ve seen it possible to bonus draw 3 Eve’s in a row, Getting 3 EHTs in one elemental chest, getting 3 of the same color titans is totally possible.


It happens sometimes, it seems:

I think it’s just random.


You’d expect a run of 3 of the same color titans to happen about 1 time for every 125 titans faced on average. So it definitely will happen.


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Hi, I’m Celtibero. Leader of the El Refugio alliance.

Except for the last weird titan, my alliance has been fighting alone for about a month against purple or yellow titans. The last 3 yellow titans.

I do not know if they are aware of the boredom that can be.

Thank you.

What’s going on, only blue titans to hit?

Mine is yellow after blue.

Colour of normal titans is random.
We had a run of red titans once and yes it gets really tedious, but you will get something else eventually :slight_smile:


Nope, mine is green, has been yellow yesterday and blue the day before.

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My alliance has had I think 3 blue titans in a row, so I understand how you feel. And blue is the least favourite colour for quite a few of us.

On the upside, no risk of taking the wrong titan team for a while. :wink:


Last week, my alliance has 3 blue in row Crab / Icehammer / Unicorn.

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Let me guess, you have not many good green heroes?

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in last 18 titans we had only 1 purple but 5 yellow, 5 blue, 4 red, 3 green. Last titan was Blue Rare.

Titan Color Count Percent
Purple 1 5.56%
Green 3 16.67%
Red 4 22.22%
Blue 5 27.78%
Yellow 5 27.78%

There is an 8% chance of only getting 1 titan of a given color in the last 18.

The expectation is that one out of every 12 alliances will be in the same boat yours is.

Wow, those numbers look awfully similar to my alliance’s titans (just flip red and green). Over the past 55 titans we’ve had…

Dark 3 5%
Holy 16 29%
Ice 15 27%
Nature 12 22%
Fire 9 16%
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After battling 12* in a row. …
The only way we get titans of the same colour is when a rare appears…
“Regular” titans never repeated colour… after (150 titans in a row)… th max we had was 3 being the middleone rare…

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Our alliance seems to only be getting green and dark titans to go up against. The only other element we saw recently was a light titan once in the past 10 titans. Any other alliances seeing this?

Sadly, this is very normal. We just had 2 blues in a row. We’ve now moved in to yellow, but we’ve see streaks of the same color frequently in the past. It’s all determined by RNG so you have a 20% chance of any color each time.

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