Same alliance name

Today we’ve tested the unicode in alliance name and it works. So we copied the exact name of an existing alliance and added an unicode character at the end. The system accepted the name but it displays exactly like the original one. At this point, there are 2 alliances with the same name. If you are curious, just search for Seven Days Departed in the alliances tab. For fairness, we switched our alliance to invite only, 4000 minimum cups.
I bring this to the attention of the developers, please be aware of it, it may create a lot of problems and confusion. We are willing to rename the alliance name back after the developers will tell us this is solved.
Thank you!

Firstly I don’t see the point of doing this. Admittedly it shows that you are praising the team from 7DD by copying them. But there have been a few who have done it in the past and I am sure you won’t be the last. As for confusion there would be none as all good players already know most of the guys/gals in 7DD
As for stating that you are willing to change it back once the devs say it is fixed well that sounds a lot like blackmail or an ultimatum neither will work but good luck with that

You don’t seem to see the scale of it.
We choose Seven Days Departed for illustration purposes only, it has nothing to do with them.
Imagine that happen to your alliance.

The goal of this bug report is to restrict the use of Unicode characters that could open the path to a XSS. It’s a larger conversation, I’m sure the developers know what I am talking about.

I am no expert but as I understand it is not Unicode just an industry standard text recognition.
Either way the game lets you copy alliance names you can have or could have as many 7DD as you wanted I seriously do not see an issue. If people want to use our alliance name so be it I can’t stop them. But I restate the fact that most long term players all know each other and would realise it was a fake/copy.
I am a lowly lvl 54 compared to some of the bigger players but if I was looking to join or rejoin one of the top 20 alliances. I would guarantee that I would not just knock in their door and join it’s all about knowing what you are doing and where you are going

As long as duplicate alliance names are not allowed, I consider this a breach.

That’s the point. Duplicate alliance names are allowed

I agree that the names of duplicate alliances should not be allowed. But I think we know more alliances by its members, than by the names of them.

I see the point the OP is tryin to make. But think you should have used a different example besides 7D. Anything with the 7D name becomes less about the topic of the thread and more about the 7D brand. As you can tell by the very first response…

Yes! This is exactelly what happened today for our alliance. We are not as famous as 7DD :yum: but it’s so frustraiting and annoying. We have worked hard for our name and fame. And after 6 months here we are: Top 100 quite often in the last weeks (place 40 maximum till now) But today someone stole our name. In the game, the names seem to be the same.

SGG, what is to be done?