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Sunt curios de o chestie :roll_eyes: de ce nu se pun pachete la vânzare de mai multe embleme (bine nici sa nu fie la bataie de Joc) și mai multa hrana…
O a doua chestie… Oare ca cei care Au vip nu trebuie să primească un XP diferit, Adi a mai mare?
Înțeleg ca rata de summon e bătaie de joc dar și embleme și materiale de ridicare în upgrade al eroului nu se face?
As fi bucuros dacă un administrator s-ar deranja sa îmi răspundă… În toți cei 4000 de euro băgați speram să văd un pic mai multă “îngrijire” față de cei ce baga bani ca, hai sa fim seriosi, fără noi… Cei care donam sperând ca vom avea parte de mai mult acest joc era de mult îngropat.
Aștept un răspuns mai clar nu ambiguu/aleator/sau neconcludent!!!

Welcome to the forum @UniculZeuS
Btw English is the official language on the forum.

Translation… I’m curious about one thing: roll_eyes: why not put packages on sale of more emblems (well not even to be at stake) and more food…
A second thing… Don’t those who have VIP have to receive a different XP, Adi the older one?
I understand that the summon rate is a joke but also emblems and materials for upgrading the hero is not done?
I would be happy if an administrator would bother to answer me… In all the 4000 euros invested I hoped to see a little more “care” than those who put money in, let’s be serious, without us… Those who donate hoping we’ll have more this game was long buried.
I am waiting for a clearer, not ambiguous / random / or inconclusive answer !!!

FWIW users of the forum are players of E&P like you. Forum moderators are voluntary, and are also just players of E&P.

This thread might be of interest to you…

Well unforcen i am asking myself (how long all are “just”) voluntarian here…
What i ask myself? I ask why în most all Free games monney is matter onlly for keep them alive but… To Stay alive they need donateurs, players like me Who donate and have always bad luck… Or greedy of GM not understood The part : how long something îs buyed that thing must have a better chance… Anyway…
Hello again. And i was expect to. Get a answer from a moderator Who know abouth this game (real. Things) to make me to understood : îs good to still play or?

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