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Hello, I do not understand how to get 5 * hero items, because I’m always first in Titan or War, or more and do not get 4 * items for 5 * heroes, 4 * items money lately, and we’re good for other players who have no idea what performance they take quite often
I buy enough heroes I do not want to buy items for them but it’s no normsl to drop a royal tabard for example at 4 months

Hi mary.
Unfortunely the odds of getting these items are very low.
Stay tuned for events that offer these ascension mats, try to level up your 4* heroes to make your gameplay much easier, they are the core of this game.
Mats will come, for sure, but u must have patience if u are not a spender.



Every two weeks or so, there is a “rare” quest. The fourth and fifth stages of these drop three and four-star ascension materials. I imagine that one of the seasonal events also offers one, maybe the Halloween one? These are the only guaranteed way to get them, but occasionally, you might get one for a titan, a war chest, or even a mystic vision…

If you do all the rare quests, you should end up with pretty close to enough mats for a rainbow 5-star team in about a year.

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Hi @Mary11,

The drop rates for 4* Ascension Materials really are miserably low, so it’s possible to go a long time without getting any, especially if your alliance isn’t fighting high star titans.

Here is a list of ways that one can get unfarmable Ascension Materials without paying for them:

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Hello this is why my alliance kills titans 11 * I am a bit upset 😁😁😁😁

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