📯 Salmon Loki – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I mean if it was like Clarissa and did bonus damage to Yellow but at least hurt the others I could get a bit on board…

But only damaging yellow??? I just don’t get it tbh.

I can’t even think of a time ever in the game I’d take the daft fish :joy:

Makes me somewhat terrified to summon in Valhalla now.


Wait I’ve got it.

No yellow tournament, mono purple defence

You take the Fish, the shark and the Chameleon into a bar and the Barmaid asks if this is a joke!



You fire Chameleon first, then Shark, then Fish.

I have no actual clue why you would do it but the Fish would actually do some damage. Not very much and kinda the most convoluted set up for minimal gains ever but there you go. That’s his slither niche that even then others do better with…

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So, I recently stopped spending money on this game, but the epic offer was so good that they almost fished me in….until I saw the fish!
Thank you SG for providing immediate prophylaxis.




Nice word that forced me to googling what does prophylaxis mean :blush:

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To add the joke more, it only deal 225% Damage for an Average.
Better marinate that fish with salt and pepper, then fried it. Much better.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: 20 definitions

Careful, the next 5* hero will be Salt and pepper to counteract the fish!


Salt & Pepper

Skill : Kill the fishy Hero instantly and taste Umami. The other got sneezed and lost all Mana.


I actually tried to pull for him (I’m allowed to be irrational sometimes) but instead managed to pull my third Lianna and my second Alfrike in the ten pulls I did for him :rofl:


Ok, THIS is even a simply tiny fix for this. MAKE THE FISH VERY FAST!

If you did that I bet you some creative people would find a use for it

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I bet even with V.Fast Mana is total sh*t in Defense.
I just hit that fish with all Board without using Yellow Heroes. Then i only got 100+ damage if one of my Hero change to Yellow XD (for 2 turn cause last turn they turn back to original colour)

For offense, it’s total useless cause you only for sure hit one, And the changing colour won’t give a lot benefit apart from your board might hit back to normal / weak / strong. But defensive Heroes still just slash attack you anyway.

And i guess we won’t have to discuss it with Titan. They just grab that Fish and eat it raw.

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Kodiak style (Bearly 20)

Look Shrubbear, Dinner!


VF Mana!!. Deals damage to all enemy. DOT to all enemy. Change enemy colors. he will be useful. He will be the main tank replacing freya and bera.
if not. he’ll end up on the HA10 grill. Lol


Is he any good or does he fill any particular bad nieche I need to know and have? :thinking:

Why do they add legendary joke heroes into the game? The droprates are awful, theres no pity-counter, so there shouldnt be heroes such as this included. With this hero added to the game, the only way to avoid getting is just hoping you dont have bad luck and manage to pull it. No portal should have this where you have to hope for the best not to pull a certain hero.

Or not to pull at all. Was their intention to make people stop pulling at Valhalla so they would instead do more pulls at S4 and all the other 100 new events that are released or soon to be released?


Mok-Arr: damage all colors except purple

Salmon Loki: damage all colors except red, green, blue, or purple.


Out of curiosity, what was some of the suggestions?

The sad part is, even at very fast this hero wouldnt be that good. SG really isnt trying to hide the fact they dont give a crap about player feedback. Unbelievable.


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