Salmon Loki in a parallel dimension

Guys, I just had an interdimensional rift appear in my room! And do you know who came out? Myself from a parallel dimension. We talk a lot about the game until I shared with him about what salmon Loki was in our world and how tragic this hero was. My parallel self was surprised to see the salmon in this state that he shared his dimension’s salmon Loki to me. Apparently salmon Loki is an unconventional titan killer there.

Salmon Loki

Trickster’s contrary: mana speed average

  • all allies get +94% defence against holy for 5 turns

  • all allies get +80% normal attack for 5 turns

  • reverse buff conditions of all allies’ attack and defensive orientated buffs for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled

I’m in shock, my guess for this fish’s strategy is that it flips attack and defensive buffs. +94% defence against holy becomes +94% attack against holy. But that 80% normal attack becomes normal defence. And dark has its own titan killer representative now. Even on defence he’s can be a really good tile damage wall with that normal defence buff. A really groundbreaking support hero

I’m so jealous. I wished to own this version of salmon loki but my parallel self stressed that there couldn’t be any cross contamination between the two dimensions. He then said ‘suck it’ and returned to his own dimension.

I’m so mad right now


Can u share card of loki written above mentioned stats?

I sucked at designing, might take some time

Next time your parallel self shows up just bop him on the head and go through the rift yourself. Voila! You have the good Salmon.

Beware though, through the rift Frigg and Odin may only hit green or yellow heroes respectively.


Salmon loki probably OS any Odin already with that +94% attack against holy. Frigg I heard has lesser base damage and deals attack down instead of defence down