Salmon Loki - best hero? Or just the greatest hero?

Thoughts? 20 characters of Salmon


Hard to tell if your not in beta if Salmon Loki will be the best or the greatest yet, but there’s a high probability that it will be both.

Long live the Salmon.

There’s something fishy about this post.

(I love the possibility of Chameleon and Salmon together in discordant harmony)


Eh? Who’s Salmon Loki?

Salmon Loki was changed into Bera in beta. Ability was only balanced but name and look are tottaly different.

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Add Norns and it is truly psychedelic


And then the Cheshire Cat for additional flavor. And/or Akkorog. Cat/Akkorog/Salmon/Norns/Chameleon. Ultimate Chaos Squad


You should join tbd part deux if you enjoy chaos and salmon

Salmon Loki? Sounds like some Bollywood shady star wannabe… the kind that sings and dances while bullets hailstorm all around…


Sounds like Salmon Loki is the Margikarp of E&P

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Ahhh… Now I remember. The hero was supposed to have fishes as minions. Good thing they changed it. Can’t imagine salmons being that scary.

As for her the best or greatest hero, we’ll, I don’t have her but faced her a ton as tank in the pre-alternative raid defense formation and as a defender in any position in the post-alternative raid defense formation. She ain’t scary even if she fire multiple times. I fear Frigg more even if she is about to cast her skills once.

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Now you mean Bera…but Salmon Loki has just returned to beta with totally different skills…agreed the title is a bit confusing…

Info of the fish at this point in time…

Average mana…

What?? So there is a new hero from beta? And this time, it’s the real Salmon Loki?

Is this thread for real? For now I’m 95% it’s a bad joke… what do you mean S3 hero? S3 is dead and burried. And what? It only damages holly enemies? And then it changes their element so they don’t get the extra 126/turn damage? Changing elementa will provide mana and damage from what otherwise would have been dead tiles. I thought after the Chameleon failure, no other hero would have such lame special skill that favors the enemy…

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Ursena seems deadlier to yellow and other colours

What Chameleon failure? :rage:

Each time I face Chameleon on defense (which actually happens extremely rare) I’m puzzeled as to why would they create a hero that favors the enemy… the lizzard is an actual blessing during the latter stages of the guardians event, providing my team with much needed mana. Hopefully for those who own it, it fairs better on offense, but I doubt that changing the element of those you stacked against is a good thing…

I don’t think it was designed to be used on defence. Element changing is a double-edged sword, but the rest of the special is superb. Mind you I haven’t maxed mine yet so it doesn’t do raids. On PVE and a bit of war cleanup it’s been fun.

This hero very feels very magikarp…