Sakura family

Ok. Just recently acquired kage from Atlantis . Just wanted thoughts on the family as a whole. I do have all of them maxed other than him . Just wasn’t sure if they would be a great purple stack or not.

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Correction. I don’t have ghost girl,& sumitomo leveled at all

If u have a couple of dark mana troops, just having one other family member will let kage fire 6 tiles.

I was running Victor Inari Kage and had lvl11 troops on Victor, another lower lvl mana on kage but they both fired on 6 tiles.

I use Cage Inari ghost girl Monkey boy and Mitzuko for 1 of my war teams. It’s very effective. Mana boost is huge. Just pick the right opponent.

There lies a big problem. No 4* purple period. Not for a lack of trying. The red and yellow love me. But no love from blue,green ,& of course purple

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