Sail the Seas with The Ironclad

UPDATE 8 November 2019
Outgrown your current alliance? Looking for an alliance that emphasizes teamwork, participation AND FUN? The Ironclad is supportive, multinational, wacky and active!

The Ironclad has 2 positions open

What we’re looking for:

  • Active players with a sense of humor
  • 1800 cups
  • Minimum 5 hits per titan
  • If opt in to Alliance War use all flags
  • Teamwork oriented
  • Communication through game chat required, through Line app is encouraged
  • Mutual respect for all players within ship and armada required

What we offer:

  • Hitting 10*-11* Titans
  • Over 25 Alliance War participants
  • Coordinated Alliance War strategies
  • Both Alliance and Armada Line app chat rooms with hints and tips
  • Live feedback on advanced play strategy and defense team layout upon request

Who we are:

  • The Ironclad Alliance is part of the 6 member The Black Pearl Armada
  • Members’ levels range from 30s to 60s
  • Cup dropping is allowed but spitting on the ship’s deck is prohibited

Line id Rhinofinch, Sarahj1969 or AtmChemGirl (aka R’Shel) with any questions.

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The Black Pearl Armada recruitment thread. Information about alliances in our fleet and their emphasis. And FYI, The Ironclad is no longer a training alliance. We be fightin’ fer loot, makin’ wee titan beasties wimper all while chugin’ kegs o’ rum with our mates. We be second strongest ship in da fleet and are proud of it! Ahoy!

** NO FRIGGIN’ IN THE RIGGIN’ ** Tired of slackers gaining from all your titan hits? Are you ready to be part of a supportive, multinational, wacky and active training Alliance? Come aboard THE IRONCLAD. Killing 8-10* titans. 6 Ship Black Pearl Armada. Hit Titans, Fight in Wars! LINE ID madantonia or branwen62

We’re bumping here. I wont ask what you said Rochelle. :joy:


LOL! It Was a looping link that created a black hole contained by the internet. To save the universe the moderators destroy it. :rofl:

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I think that is a picture of me from last Halloween. I’m kind of buff. :muscle::leg::pinching_hand:

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Avast ye landlubbers! The Ironclad plunders Titans, raids ships and shares loot from War skirmishes.

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It’s appears extra rum has just become available. Come join us!

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Just a little nudge to help out my ship mates

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Still got some open spots - come join a fun, chatty bunch and kill some titans with us!

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Needs another bump, still looking for members

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Only 4 slots left open. People know a good thing when they experience it. :smiley:

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2 openings remain. Hurry on over.

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