Sad but true

Diligently running my Alc lab

I get this nice option:

Yet here I am contemplating, should I take the scope or scrolls?

I have 19 scopes and 0 projects. Yet Mythic titan will come way before i need scopes for 4 heroes….
Am I just crazy?


I don’t think that’s crazy, although I admit that I really just use this as an emblem generator.


my personal priority is 4* ascension mats that super rarely appear, otherwise i take embelms.

i ignore other options


Not considering the emblems?

You can never have too many scopes. Emblems come much easier, 5 scrolls on a mythic can be used in one flag… and you could always transmute the scope if need be. I’d do the scope without a 2nd thought.


I’d take the scope. MT can be a very item intensive event for randomised rewards.


You can craft guaranteed scrolls. You can’t farm guaranteed scope.

Also offer with scroll is 2x cheaper than offer with scope.

Easy choice if you ask me. I remember when I was complaining about a lot of Tabards and noone to give them to then I got so many good purple heroes in a row I had to wait weeks for mats to finally ascend them all…


I always take a 4* ascension mat over scrolls any day.


Scope too, a good new ascended hero is worth more than a few scrolls for MT :slight_smile:

now if it were emblems vs. the scrolls, I would be more ambivalent.

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Stop releasing hero work on the game sooooo annoying this game weak up guy stop spending they could work on the pvp and they don’t let it go

I always take the 4* Assmat. If there isn’t one then I take whichever Emblems I need most.

Never even consider those bottom two choices.

I actually take scrolls above emblems, they are fun to use, whereas with emblems I have a lot of heroes emblemed but unused and no new heroes to put them on (bar a few classes)


Sure if you like them, I just always prefer more permanent upgrade items when available over consumables… the point of scrolls to me is score on mythic titans which then… gets you emblems, but if you like to throw some on random titans for fun its a game, have fun smacking them around!


Absolutely, although I need 1 more avatar, and I cannot reach top 1% without using scrolls in a couple of rounds.

Edit, need is a strong word, should be I want the missing avatar from MT

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If I were you, I will choose scopes because it is rarer. Something like this also happen to me but with tabard instead. I have about 40 tabard at the time and choose tabard :rofl:. I don’t know but we might be able to use those 4* material in the new ways in the future.

For me, I don’t think 5 scrolls is as worth as 30 emblem. I can get in top 5% total damage in Mythic titan without using any scrolls but I need 20+ scrolls to get in top 1% total damage. The different between top 1% and top 5% is less than 30 emblem.


4* assmats are worth $10, that’s SG pricing so it’s a no brainer.

Randomly getting 3 blue heroes is something that could possibly happen, and then you’d be left without anything for a potential 4th. The truly useless ascension material is tome of tactics.

Edit: also damascus blades, as a f2p ascension materials come faster than heroes so I forget that they exist. I have 21 each and they will never run out.

I’ll take the blades and tomes. That’s what I’m always hoping for when I’m running the lab

Take the scope!! 4AM is harder to get. Yiu can’t craft 4AM; AL 10A only has 5% chance at converting farmable 3* AM to 4AM.

You can craft scrolls. Just suffer heavier resources used.

So many hoarders in here don’t listen to them!

Take the trap tools