"Sacrifice" hero powers

Atk: 500
Def: 730
Health: 1480
Special: Troll attack
Mana speed: Slow
Sacrifice 38% of caster’s health to instantly kill a hero with the highest mana.

If the caster has less than 38% health, the targeted hero’s health and the caster’s health reduce to 1HP each

Atk: 611
Def: 689
Health: 1500
Special: Epic Synergy
Mana speed: Very Slow

Sacrifice 40% health to heal all allies by 20% over 2 turns (the caster is healed too)

The special powers of adjacent allies are instantly activated without depleting their mana.

(If adjacent allies’ mana are already full, this means the adjacent allies fire their powers twice before mana goes to zero.)

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