[SACRED] THE 100% HONESTY thread

I really walked into that one, didn’t I?

Also :point_down:


To be completely honest, I specifically chose waffles and worst not only because of your and @Pike ’a countries, but also because of their Internet slang meanings like @Theo87 figured out :slight_smile:

And I’m also out of likes :frowning:


revives my never ending Cake Day thread for @PlayForFun :rofl:


I’m being made fat through kindness :joy:

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Try saying that in the reviews on Google Play. They’ll gaslight the F out of you in under a day.
(Kind of shows where their priorities lie)

I stop pay this game pixel 2 years ago. Now i try to stop play totally.

No any other things makes me angry like this game. Just regret time what i spend this game

So why only try?

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There is no try, only do

It is just like drugs or cigaret, we all know those makes you sick, but we still use it even its absolutelly stupid.

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