Sabina's Story - An Empires and Puzzles Fanfiction hi I

@ Xorana
Lovely fic! I, too, get headcanons around the heroes, but not to the level of yours, where you virtually communicate with them. So. Many. Feels!

I’m so glad you continue to write these E&P fanfics. Your writing style is exquisite!

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I like it. I had planned a different story totally for Sabina but I lack time :cry:

Wonderful to read about Sabina. One if my favourite heroes.

I can’t even remember what I was searching for when I came across your thread!

Thanks for sharing.

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@mericle Are you sure you posted this in the right forum?

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Lovely writing, Xorana. I always imagine Sabina as Cyprian’s younger sister. I love what you’ve done here. Super fun. And in that same frame, I always have Cyprian desperately in love with Sonya but they can never be together which is why he looks so sad. Thanks for the read!

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