Sabina vs Rigard

Which one is better to level up? Both seems to be very similar…

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They are very different.

Sabina removes buffs from the enemy and does good tile damage. Her weakness is she has a light defense. She will help you against Boril, Cyprian, Kiril, Boldtusk, Kashrek and the likes.

Rigard removes spells off of your team such as fire and poison. He is weak offensively but very strong defensely. He works well against Colen, Azlar, Proteus and the like.

They both have their purposes. Personally, I like Sabina earlier on the in game and Rigard later when her defense becomes a problem.


Rigard is a lot harder to kill. But they are not similar at all. Rigard cleans your team of negative effects while Sabina cleans the opposing team of positive effects. They are two different sides of the same coin. Keep in mind that there are a lot of dispellers, like Sabina. Melendor, Sonia, Caedmon, all have the same dispelling effect, while Rigard is the only 4* that cleans your entire team of negative statuses like poison or fire or lowered defense and attack. So Rigard would be my first choice.

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Rigard every day. Cleanse is a rare and powerful special.

There are a lot more dispellers out there.


Got it… Since I have Caedmon almost at 3/60, I will Invest my resources on Rigard… tks a lot everybody!!!


They both serve different purposes…but Rigard is tankier and his special is much more valuable. Debuffers are everywhere, cleansers not so much.

Just an echo but Rigard is much better. As stated, cleanse is a rare and valuable ability, additionally he’s much tougher to kill. He has good defense stats and because of this he actually gets to heal your team. Sabina will die a lot before she charges, although her tile damage is nice. But yeah there’s a lot of dispellers better than Sabina like Caedmon, Sonya, even melendor who is almost a mirror of Sabina but the difference is that he’s green instead of purple, so you won’t have to choose between Sabina or Rigard, you can level Rigard without a second thought and be comfortable knowing there’s a ton of other dispellers in the game.

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