Sabina or Rigard ascend to 70

I have both Sabina and Rigard both at 3/60. Witch one of them to ascend . need advise.

Rigard. A healer is best to have high defense rather than high attack. And cleanse is more useful than dispeller

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Rigard. The cleanse is unique and can keep you alive along with the heal. There are other dispellers out there that are solid.

From a utility perspective I’d go with Rigard as his heal and cleanse is unique to him for 4* characters if I’m not mistaken.
Sabina and Melendor are interchangeable for their functions of heal and debuff.
Sonya and Caedmon also debuff but with a strike and are fast mana regenerating instead of average like Sabina/Melendor.
Hope that helps.


Yea it helps thanks

♧Regard is a better tank … and he is disaple the debuffs that hits you and nothing eles do that amoung healers. But his tile damages are quit low.
♤Sabina is disable the buffs that your opponent but also there is Melendor who can just do the same thing and even with better def/hp.
Also Sabina has great tile damage.

So its really up to you in 2 ways;
What other heroes do you have in roster.
What do you seek a hero to do for your team!

And what about the red team i have Boldtusk and Wilbur both are 3/60 which one to ascend?
Green team Melendor and Hansel which one to ascend too?

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Man you got some tough choices.

Healers are important but what do you have for damage dealers? Out of everything so far it is Hansel.

For Red I would lean Wilbur I think. Bold is great but I find Wilbur great as I have been using him quite often.

Green I would say Hansel. He is said to be the best 4* green.

Need some damage dealers though.

Wilbur then Bold.
You already have healers … but Wilbur is a game changer.

Rigard for sure - I use him all the time in all aspects. In fact, I have 3 of them maxed (for war and before I maxed Domitia I was doulbling up on yellow tanks (i.e. Guin). I feel he’s that good. Slap on a 4* critical troop and he can be real tough to kill, which is important when raiding 4000+ teams full of Zeline’s and GM’s that inflict status ailments.


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