Sabina or Proteus better to counter perfect riposte?

I have both unleveled, and a Seshat, eight traps, and four tabards… and absolutely no dispellers. I do have a maxxed Rigard, and an almost maxxed Hansel :slightly_smiling_face: struggling to decide whom to level.

I’d say Proteus first, then Sabina. Proteus is probably the best 4* of the game. He wont even get affected by riposte.


You’ll probably get the extra traps you need by the time you get to final ascension on Seshat . But Proteus first always, massive game changer. If this is your first purple five ascension, it could be advisable to put both fours up before Seshat. Just for depth. But if you’re later in the game (which you probably aren’t, as you don’t have any dispellers) then maybe Sesh second

TLDR: do both fours first


Sabina may be slightly better for dealing with Riposte specifically, but Proteus is a beast everywhere that you are facing foes that want mana, which is basically just farming levels for loot.

But you want both of those, and Rigard if you get him, before Seshat.


Due to lack of a dispeller I’ve tried to use Hansel against riposte and have not been successful, that’s why I was thinking Proteus + Hansel may not be enough either. I already have Rigard maxed.

Imho, Proteus. He is an extremely good hero in raids and levels with elite enemies and bosses. Mana stalling is the name of his game and when paired with any character that can cut mana a lot, it is a definite game changer. I used him in the epic difficulty of the GoT. And no specials even went off on those boss rounds. :sunglasses::metal:

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+1 for Proteus, not only to counter Riposte thought, but overall in raid, map, event challange, titan, except purple reflect.
Bring sabina to 3.60, it is usefull, and wait from your TC to get Melendor, Caedmon and Sonya.


As much as I love my Sabina +16, I’d also say Proteus, not because he’s better at countering riposte, but because he does something no other hero does. If you never max Sabina, you could still draw Melendor (exact same special), Sonya, Caedmon, Domitia, and a bunch of others who could give you the dispel you are looking for. Nobody else is going to give you mana lock plus DoT. I know all about playing the heroes you’ve got, not the ones you want, but it isn’t at all unreasonable to think you’ll draw one of the other dispellers because they are common and there are so many of them.

I use both Proteus and Sabina whenever I face a riposter. Sabina is the better riposte counter for sure. But Proteus is just so generally useful that I also suggest you level him up first.

Tips when using Proteus vs. riposters: charge Proteus up as soon as possible and mana-block the riposter. If the riposter DOES go off before you can charge Proteus, still charge Proteus up as much as you can - have a healer like Rigard along to heal off the riposte damage you take when charging tiles. Fire Proteus off as soon as you can, and while the riposte is active, you can hit the enemy with “useless” tiles (tiles of colors you did not bring) to stall out the riposte as much as you can.

Once you do have Sabina maxed too though, this won’t be a problem. Proteus + Sabina are great riposte killers in combination. Proteus to block the riposter; Sabina to dispel in case the riposter does go off. Then fire Proteus still, and kill the riposter while mana is blocked. Does not always work, especially if you get a bad board, but it helps.

I know have Seshat on final ascension too, and always bring Proteus + Sabina + Seshat whenever I face a riposter - even if it’s a Purple like Cyprian :wink:


Specifically for dispelling riposte, Sabina is better. She’s obviously also a healer, which is useful. Her tile damage is better too.

Proteus is special, and the better hero all round.

But for what you want, go with Sabina.

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I would suggest go with Proteus, Sabina, then Seshat. That will serve you all round while giving you a deep roster. :slight_smile:


I do this with Hansel now - try to charge him up, then try to block the riposte even if it went off already to prevent it from going off again meanwhile healing with Rigard. The conundrum with leveling Proteus first is that his special conflicts with Hansel’s - no point to activate Hansel’s special if Proteus already fired, and vice versa. So I was thinking of adding a raid hero complimentary to Hansel, which would be a dispeller, hence Sabina or Seshat. Is Proteus very important to level next if I already have Hansel for mana control? Are you guys using Hansel and Proteus together?

Yes, period.

I always use proteus in raid like this formation: Boldtusk - (any 3 strong color VS tank opponent) - Proteus
So my green team:
BT - Melendor - Caedmon - Hansel - Proteus
Some times I changed BT with Wilbur, if the opponent defense has Wilbur to counter skill.

Yes, I bring Hansel with Proteus, so Proteus stop mana 3 opponent in center/flank right/flank left, and Hansel for one opponent which is almost full mana, and for my purple teams I also bring Merlin together with Proteus, so one opponent for almost full and most danger skill.

Notes: I also have my 2nd Proteus at 1.1, and as soon as I do not have purple to work, I will leveling 2nd Proteus, and I will bring 2 proteus together into raid, map, etc.

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and when Proteus uses his special, he won’t take damage from an active riposte - not like Hansel


I’d definitely go with Proteus first, he’s one of the best 4 star in the game. To me Rigard is a better healer and the only 4* one that cleanses, and you already have him leveled. So many other heroes have dispel including Melendor who is another great healer, Sonya, Caedmon and a couple others. Seshat also dispels buffs from target and nearby enemies as part of her special. So go ahead and take Proteus to the top. Then finish off Seshat. If you have any other healers like BT/Kiril/Melendor or even Wilbur then level them before Sabina. BT/Kiril give buffs and double as tank/flank.

I don’t have Hansel, but I might do that if I had him. I do use Proteus & Little John together often.

I think Proteus is a replacement/upgrade for Hansel, more than a complement.

I have Wilbur at 3.60 and a blade away to ascend him, which I’ll probably do before I start working on any other reds, perhaps maybe saving them for BT instead as I start working on him as Wilbur is already quite sturdy.

Proteus better be spectacular, because Hansel is just amazing :joy: I just completed Teltoc legendary with a 3300TP team of unleveled 4s and 5s, every single battle item and a final second gem resurrect down to my last two heroes hanging by a thread of hp :upside_down_face: which I am quite happy about … got the ascension mats! Would not be able to do it without Hansel. So this reinforces what you guys are advising, Proteus will help get more mats during the next event and hopefully this time around it will be a little less intense if I can make the two of them work together. I guess the perfect antidote for riposte can wait a little longer.

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Yes, to me makes sense to start Seshat right after, otherwise if I level Sabina instead I may end up short of traps for Seshat when I get the remaining two tabards

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Wilbur is on 3 tier @ 3/41, he’s the next red ascension to max now that BT is almost done, on 4/48. I have Mitsuko on 3/42, but a maxed Wilbur and Boldtusk are stronger than a 3/70 Mitsuko. So I’m with you on the Wilbur ascension.

After those 3 I plan to work on Ares and Marjana. I’ve read some amazing things about them. Gonna be a long journey trying to get 2 5 stars to max same color lol, but by then I should be at SH 20 and hopefully have all my TCs set up properly to make it a fairly simple process.

Which SH level are you now? Assuming you’ll do one at a time? Ares is one of the best heroes according to Anchor. I faced a Mitsuko about that same level today in a raid, he went down easily.

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