Sabina or Cyprien?


So, what is the current status of the riposte special? Have the latest changes been revertet to the initial state or not? Does, at this moment, riposte work one final time against the attaker that kills the caster or not?


Hallo ladyes and gents, it’s been about two weeks since the original post I think… I started this topic, so, I think, I should bring some kind of closure to it. After considering everything you wrote above, I choose to ascend Cyprian, he’s been maxed now for about a week, and I definitely don’t regret it. While doing a decent job on defense, he is just amazing on raids. Thanks to his riposte I am now am able to take on and often win against much stronger enemies. It’s just great to see maxed Gravemaker, Joon or Zeline blasting themselves from the board. I use him along with Sabina, Gormak, Colen and Kelile, and I took out many 5* teams in low to mid platinum. Luck also seems to favor me :grin:. I somehow managed to get three more trap tools in just two weeks (having maxed Cyprian helped a lot), so I’m waiting on the fourth to ascend Sabina too! Things turned out well, I guess… Thanks guys for your contribution to my decision. Great game!


If you have Rigard, don’t up Sabina.


:grin: If I had Rigard, I would be starting a new topic right now: “Sabina or Rigard”. And I bet it would be a interesting one… Unfortunately that’s not the case, but your advice is wellcomed!


Cyprian is the way to go. My alt purple attack team is Cyprian/Merlin/Sartana. He works wonders when I have benched him for months.


enthusiasm is always good.



Twenty characters rule :grin: