Sabina or Cyprien?

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Sabina scales and is very usable into higher level titans and in raids/aw even when you start getting 5s.

Cyprian falls off a cliff - low attack stat and he’s only really good when most people don’t have a big hero roster with dispellers.


First of all you must have a full ascended healer in this game to survive the event, farming, raid attacks etc. If you have melendor, or kiril or boldtusk and another dispeller like sonja or caedmon, than go with cyprian, but in every other situation go with sabina. I am in lvl 53 my cyprian is still 3/60. My sabina i still use, in wars for example. She gets my vote.


This is obviously a matter of opinion, and/but my first hand choice is always Boril. :wink: Of course my roster plays in, and as I got Boril rather early in game, long before getting Cyprian, I learned to play with him. Someone more used to Cyprian will of course manage to use him better.

Anyway. I like Boril be… Wait, are you asking about my preference regarding Cyprian/Boril or regarding Cyprian/Sabina?! I’m such a Boril fan boy I just … :joy:

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Thanks again.

I was referring to Cyprian/Sabina.

There is already a post about Boril vs Cyprian - who to choose


I loooove Cyprian, but I am currently looking at leveling Sabina to get a purple Melendor (and a component of my purple stacking team), plus I like her higher tile dmg. Win win.

But remember, I have both. I started with Cyprian. Maybe he’s a good one to start with if you already have Melendor?

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As is too often the case, the OP seems to have been lost in this thread.

Ian487, the fourth trap tools obviously came from Morlovia. Were you able to complete the last level, as well?

(I said obviously and then remembeted there was an offer which included trap tools. If I am wrong, pls tell us all.)

If you have three or more tabards, giving either of those heroes a set of trap tools could be an error. If you look ahead, there are several dark heroes available through event and Atlantis summons soon.

Waw! I didn’t aspect my post to start such a debate! Great to see that!
@Bud, you got it right, it came from Morlovia, but no tabard in my inventory yet, so I did not try to get the tabard so far, maybe tomorrow.
Now, everyone else, if you would be so kind as to further help me make a decision, here is my current main team, left to right: Colen 3/60, Sabina 3/60, Gormek 4/50, Brianne 3/50, Kelile 3/60. Except for those mentioned Cyprian is my only other 4*, soon to be 3/60. This team keeps me in high gold / low platinum arenas, wich I am more than content with, given the defense teams teams I am facing. I hunt for green tanks and it works well at this level. Problem is that I have to use the same team as defense and is totally overwhelmed by attackers so I lose a lot of cups with defense. Also I’m stuck in Brooding mountains, as well as final stages of rare quests and events, unable to kill fast mana charging bosses. I thought that Cyprian might help there… So, advice from experienced players would be welcomed.

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In general, I’m much more a fan of Sabina than Cyprian.


Given where you’re stuck, if you want to finish those areas, then Cyprian’s Riposte will help against the bosses. You’re right on.

You have no other real healer, though, so Sabina is also going to be super important for you.

With no Tabards or 5* purples, I wouldn’t worry at all about spending trap tools. It’ll be a long time before you have 6 Tabards and you’ll find plenty of trap tools before then.

Given where your team is at, I’d probably go for Sabina for longer term use but also because you don’t have another healer.


Sabina is great help in any line good tile damage, heal, remove enemy buffs.


Don’t feel like you need a rainbow team (one from each color). I too was weak green. My team for a long time was sonya, scarlet, chao, Tiberius, and Grimm - two blues no green. Also, I beat season one without a healer. My firs tc20 pull was Sabina and she’s a fave now. As I am further along, I choose my attackers based on who I’m against but that was where I was at. Consider using both cyprian and Sabina instead of Brienne, regardless of who you ascend.

Now that I look closer, you are far from a rainbow team. You are red heavy. I feel my advice is good, but not your problem. That said, having both on your defense team isn’t a bad idea compared to brienne.

Long term use: Sabina - easy choice, minimal use for riposters once you get around 3400TP and a deeper roster with TC20. Sabina will always be useful in a multitude of situations.

Intermediate term use : much tougher choice. A 4/70 healer will do a world of good for your other heroes. Cyprian on the other hand will give you a solid tank up to around 3400TP and 2100 trophies, which is enough to keep you solidly in platinum but a long way from diamond. Cyprian, as mentioned, will help you progress through the map taking on big shooting bosses. A riposter will also be very helpful in rare/monthly/seasonal quests and events.

However, here is my take on that, a 4/70 healer can greatly help keep your 3/60 riposter alive who still has just as much reflecting skill assuming he is already 8/8. That’s the difference for me, promote the healer. When the riposter is needed, just color stack them (even against purples) and use heal pots and mana pots to keep your riposter alive and charged up when he’s most useful.

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Thanks for your answers. I see that almost everybody votes for Sabina. I agree, down the line she will be of greater help than Cyprian. But today, using 3/28 Cyprian I broke through Brooding mountains where I was stuck for more than a month… I also need a better tank than Gormek for my defense, as I almost never manage succesfully defend against raids. Beside this I need an edge against fast mana charging bosses in rare quests and events. I’m still undecided…

@FunkyknightHay, I’m a world away from 3400 TP as am I from 2100 trophies… Diamond is definitely out of my league right now, but 2100 trophies would be a solid realistic target for the next month or two… It’s the final part of your post that puzzles me… could a 3/60 riposter stay alive long enough to make a difference? I’m not sure…

Cyprian for quests and Sabina for overall. Depends on what you wanna focus on. If all your heroes are still work in progress I recommend Cyprian as you can fight bosses more easily on quests.

Maybe not on raids, but yes on map and events with extra healing pots.

cyprian is a good one, but need tu be used on right moment

for example, we fight 8/9* titan.

my team for yellow is Tib / boldtusk / cyprian / gregorian / obakan

4 reflect active, it’s pretty cool…always pretty damage…never disapointed !!

i could use sabina or rigard but i prefer use antidote and have +48% atk via bold

Well… I just won in Morlovia. First try, too…Couldn’t have done it without riposte. I also broke through Brooding mountains today as I said before, again using an underdeveloped Cyprian… That is two major breakthroughs in one day for me… Guess at this time I have more use for a riposter than a healer… I am aware that Sabina might be a more useful hero later in the game but, at this point, I guess I’m better of with a powerful Cyprian… Thanks for sharing your experience guys.

cyprian (if not dispeled )…and see Liu Xu…or several aoe hiters dying on ripost…or a snipe from a 5* killer type magni or liana…:yum:…or hard quest like Morlovia…

always a pleasure. like it.

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