Sabina or Cyprien?

Got a fourth trap tool today… Sabina 3/60… Cyprian 3/60… which one will it be? what to do?


Sabina, of course. Ever, ever


I would go for Sabina too :wink:


I vote in Sabina, of curse.

Why the recommendations are in favor of Sabina?

Cyprian allows 3 of your heroes to do an acumlative of 575% of the damaged received in 5 turns!

Because Sabina will dispel Cyprian and his two mates, taking no damage in the process. :grin:


Let’s assume Cyprian special is on, … how many turns you think you will need so to trigger the dispel from Sabina?

Sabina here too.
Overall better, and she is great against Guin.

I would say, it depents on the other heroes. I didnt like Cyprian at first. But I used him often as tank.
And if the opponent has 2 or more snipers, I use him still today. I do use Sabrina not often. I prefer Sonya.


Well, it was to a degree a joke, but if I’m fighting a riposte hero, I try to prioritize charging my dispel hero as soon as possible to be ready.

I also think Sabina is a better hero than Cyprian. They do two totally different things, so I can’t compare them directly, but I think Sabina is better at doing what she’s doing, than Cyprian is at doing what he’s doing. For a 4* riposte hero, I’d definitely recommend Boril before Cyprian.


So it dependa on the other heros. Sabrina + Boril / Sonya + Cyprian


Thank you for the additional info.

Which one of two do you think is overly better in pve, pvp or Titan?

I hope you are enjoying the discussion @Ian487

It is after all, a difficult decision you said you will have to take.

Hold on!

Is it possible to edit the title of your topic and include “Sabina or Cyprian”, please. Not too many posts are speaking about them and this edit can be helpful to others who may find themselves in a similar decision making situation.

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Yes, that’s of course an important factor - your other heroes.

Regarding Sonya/Sabina, they certainly dispel, but one is an attacker and the other one a healer. When it comes to dispelling riposte, Sonya might not live to tell the tale.

And you can of course also color stack. My last heavy 4* generic raid team was a triple blue riposte team, so while the possibility to build a rainbow team is always good, it’s not an absolute necessity. (And to be clear - I don’t suggest you said that, I’m just rambling. :smile:)

But to get back to your point: yes, we should of course have asked @Ian487 what other heroes he has. :thinking:

I can do that for you.

My reaction would also be Sabina.

I recently had the choice of Melendor (Green Sabina) or Cyprian to level first, and chose beards over bones.

I have Boril levelled and I find his best niche is events where the bosses often cause irreparable damage to themselves. Cyprian might be useful on Sand Empire, when that repeats

Please don’t!

As I also have the privilege to do the editing myself, …
But I thought of leaving it to the Original Poster … as a courtesy and out of … respect.

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Whoops, sorry. I shall curb my enthusiasm

Sabina scales and is very usable into higher level titans and in raids/aw even when you start getting 5s.

Cyprian falls off a cliff - low attack stat and he’s only really good when most people don’t have a big hero roster with dispellers.


First of all you must have a full ascended healer in this game to survive the event, farming, raid attacks etc. If you have melendor, or kiril or boldtusk and another dispeller like sonja or caedmon, than go with cyprian, but in every other situation go with sabina. I am in lvl 53 my cyprian is still 3/60. My sabina i still use, in wars for example. She gets my vote.


This is obviously a matter of opinion, and/but my first hand choice is always Boril. :wink: Of course my roster plays in, and as I got Boril rather early in game, long before getting Cyprian, I learned to play with him. Someone more used to Cyprian will of course manage to use him better.

Anyway. I like Boril be… Wait, are you asking about my preference regarding Cyprian/Boril or regarding Cyprian/Sabina?! I’m such a Boril fan boy I just … :joy:

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