Sabina is none other than Hawkmoon, dead


Same clothes even, only evolving.


They are at least family! Maybe they’re siblings, having made different life choices. Well, a death choice in Sabinas case.


Yes, at the very least, they are family. I’d be excited if there is more though. xD


There already is a thread for this kind of comparison…


Didn’t know that. Still, I’d like to recognize my realizing it on my own. :stuck_out_tongue:


Her sword is different…lol :joy:


Belith’s head on Sabina’s Figure is Hawkmoon lol


If I were dead and could revive, I would want my sword to be different. Lol


For someone who’s familiar with the game MTG and the book series that goes along with it, I can see how they could very well be the same character. Such as the case for Jessica in MTG had then in storyline became PHAGE the untouchable and then from there became a planeswalker. It is not uncommon for individuals to do the artwork for these games to have a Side Story going along in their minds. What would be interesting and worth the read is if the original artists and creators actually made a book series with the game.


I love how “boob size” is an identifying feature. And not “same bodice” -_-


Sabina could be an ancestor of Hawkmoon. Given that she is undead, we don’t know how old she could be.

If one assumes these two premises, you could postulate that Sabina could also possibly be a common ancestor between Belith and Hawkmoon; from a time before their families branched apart.

Or copy, paste, and edit. :rofl:


I do wonder, how can he be SO SURE they actually are the same size… :laughing:


I plan to make a fanfiction about Sabina. Now you have given me an idea about its origins.


Lol~ Me to have been seeing the details on each of the heroes, and realize a few stuff.

The character Jenneh have the hair of Elena, body of Kelile and skirt of Kailani.
Scarlet have the outfit of Nightshade, face of Sigrunn and feet of Prisca.
Dawa is basically taken from Fletcher’s figure, and the staff she’s holding is somewhat same as Isarnia’s staff.
Nash is like the counterpart of Julius.
Jill have the face of Aife and body of Berden (Feminize version).

Sorry for the long list but my eyes can’t stop to unsee these things~ //facepalm//


“Locker room” talk is now acceptable in my country


I tend to create mental stories as well. And would love to read any fan fiction you make.