Sabina dispel buff not working in war


Hi guys. Sabina’s dispel is not working in our ongoing war. She heals but does not dispel enemy buffs.
Alliance: amazonok&gladiatorok
War against: TitanStorm
Match between: Coralline & Sarruk75 (same issue in both matches)
Time: UTC +1, between 17-18h today


You can’t dispel the attack boost at all.
I used her earlier to remove Boril and Kirils specials, and she worked fine for me.


Oh… now you made me a bit unsure. I don’t recall if it was the attack boost only, or anything at all she didn’r remove.


She worked for me for sure when I removed Riposte from three enemies.


I dont even know should her disspell take off wars special bonus. I guess it shouldn’t.


No. The attack bonus the enemies gain in war are undispellable. I think it used to be part of the buffs description but I know they changed that in a recent-ish release.


Thanks all. That probably explains it.