Sabina Did Not Debuff Elena in raid

I raided a player tonight and mid battle, enemy’s Elena used special attack and count attack was in effect on herself and Their Alby. I killed their Elena, and counter attack was still active on their Alby.
I was able to use my Sabina special “heal and debuff”, but Sabina debuff did not remove counter attack from enemy Alby.
Please help me understand. Am I missing something?

Justice’s blind might have cause it to miss? Yes, the debuff can miss.

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Hmmm. Justice had been dead a while.

The accuracy decrease lasts 4 turns. That’s the only explanation I can see.
If that is not the case then it’s a bug, you need to send a report:

Use Rigard if you have him. He’s the only one I’ve found that removes most all spells. (Like using antidotes.) I was using Sabina but never saw her remove anything. Plus some legendary heroes can’t be dispelled.

Sabina removes good effects from enemy, she does nothing to your own heroes.