S4 Underwild Gems Discussion

What do the upward & downward pointed arrows within the tiles mean. Every so often they shoot a kind of bolt of lightning, either to me or the enemy ??

Some specific heroes like Elizabeth can change a ‘red’ tile in your favour (arrow points up) and that inflicts extra damage (bolt of lightning) on the enemy …
It works both ways so a S4 enemy hero that the opponent uses can change a tile (arrow points down) and inflict damage on your heroes …

Those are underwild tiles, generated when a S4 hero fires.

If you use the S4 hero there is a chance that it will generate such a tile (arrow up) damaging the enemy each turn till you match the tile.

If your opponent uses a S4 hero or everywhere on the map in S4 there is a chance such a tile will appear when the hero fires with an arrow down. Those tiles will damage you each turn till you match them.

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As long as you don’t have a lot of them active on the board, you might as well ignore them, their impact being minimal on the battlefield. However, there are rare situations when this extra damage might make the difference between a hero’s survival or death.

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Would it be wise to use 5 S4 heroes for def?

I can do it for 3* and it seems a valid thing to do, but I have doubts since I’ve never played like that or against that.

I don’t think the underwild gems spawning should be the biggest consideration in using S4 heroes for defense. focus more on their stats, specials, synergy… which heroes are you considering? and which other heroes do you have as options?

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