S4 Underwild Gems Discussion

Yeah how dare they try to get people to alter their playstyle by penalizing certain strategies.

I do levels on rainbow, I leave my purple in and auto play. Haven’t lost a single match yet.

Going on with your thinking if SGG bans using 4 and 5 stars in hard mode - it will be feature. Any kind of penalizing is taking fun from the game, and this particular penalization is going to last 2x 360 stages not counting any grind or path of valor quests.

The Underwild Tiles are a part of the challenge for Season 4. You can always use our own season 4 and return the favor.

I noticed in the current recruit or gem event that tiles will show up with a leaf? Clover? and arrow pointing up on it. What is that tile and what am I supposed to do with it? I know it means something I really should know but what?

I assume that you are talking about the symbols on the shield. They represent each element: leaf for nature, sun for holly, skull for dark, etc.

if not show us a picture of what are you talking about

I think you might be referencing the family bonus that season 4 heroes have. Did you perhaps use heroes like Poppy or Zila Lei from season 4?

Their family bonus has a chance to spawn the tiles you are talking about. They will do a tiny bit of damage after each turn.

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Of course when I went to play again so I could get a screenshot it doesn’t show up. I thought maybe it was when I was fighting the Titan but nothing there either. However, I did change my team so that’s probably why. I was playing with the new heroes I pulled to see what they do.

Tettukh is a season 4 hero and he have a chance to spawn a underwild gem if that is what you are referring to, then @yoyotje is right. the spawn and cause a little damage to the enemies and stay in the board until you match them with other tiles


My main issue with underwild gems (and with Morlovia pumpkins btw) is that you cannot auto-run these levels comfortably because the AI will ignore the threat and these will kill you over time. This is not a problem with any other special tiles.

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You just have to have a team way above the power. I auto played the first 2/3 of morlova without dying.

Obviously that doesn’t apply to the earlier levels, I have auto-played that part as well. However (in theory) you should be able to auto-play the rest of it as well.

Yes, Underwild gems must be what they are. I didn’t immediately see they were causing damage to my heroes and I also didn’t see any benefits or rewards so I wasn’t sure what they were. I agree, it would be nice if they were to give some benefit.

if you are playing S4 the do spawn quite often and that will damage your team, it only get worse on higher levels.

if you have S4 heroes it is a chance for them to spawn when your hero fire an special and damage the other team but as explained before the damage is not that big

I think you shouldn’t be able to auto play upper levels of anything. What’s the point.

Auto play is more for repetitive farming not actual levels of events.

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They showed up. Are these Alliance gems or Underwild gems? It appears while they are on the board the monster hits are attracted to that because lightening strikes themwhen I assume they would be shooting at me.


Underwild gems, you have Tettukh (note that he is green). The arrow pointing up means it attacks the defense. When they point down, they attack you.

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Thank you!! I started suspecting it was Tettukh. After they showed up on 8-7, I tried 12-1 and he went off but they didn’t show up then. Still don’t have the hows down but at least the what is answered. And now I know that it is attacking the enemy and not me. Thank you!

Hold on one minute!! Are you supposed to match that sucker or not? Because if you aren’t I’ve been over here shooting myself in the foot … or head! #rookiemistake

If it’s spawned by your team you want to avoid matching it if possible so it can stay on the board and do damage, although making a good match is more important than saving the underwild gems. If it’s spawned by the enemy (arrow pointing down), clear it out as soon as possible. You probably won’t notice one or two but more than that starts to hurt.