S4 Underwild Gems Discussion

Can we please discuss the Underwild Gems?

First and foremost, I love everything about Season 4 with the exception of the Underwild Gems. I think they are a great idea but I feel like they should add some benefit to the player when they are matched similar to the S3 Runic Rocks. Or possibly limiting the number of them that can be active at once.

I do realize the amount of damage they cause is negligible when you are talking 5* maxed heroes, but they are honestly a little annoying. They will likely cause newer players more grief as well.

Do you agree/disagree?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you talking about the Underwild Gems as part of the Seasn 4 Map Battles? Or as the Family Bonus?

Because if the former, this statement doesn’t make much sense:

What “newer players” are going to be playing Season 4? Like they have to have done a big chunk of Season 1, Season 2 AND Season 3 maps before being able to even START in Season 4… By that stage, I would pretty much guarantee that the player is long past the 3* hero phase and well into the 4&5* heroes…

If the later (from family bonus), well yes it could be a LITTLE annoying but remember that in raids, the underwild gems can ONLY trigger when a S4 hero casts their specials… So thats what, Once maybe twice in a regular raid battle? And at 20 odd %, the odds of getting enough Underwild Gems on the board (and be unable to match/ get rid of them) is pretty low…

IDK, personally I can’t see any issues with them or any cause for concern / annoyance for players… I like them personally. Adds a different element to an otherwise boring tile slog…


I am talking about playing the Season 4 map battles. You make a very good point about newer players not playing much of season 4 so please disregard that point.

I agree that in Raids it likely won’t be a big deal but I don’t have any maxed Season 4 heroes yet but I look forward to using them in Raids.

They aren’t a massive annoyance by any means and certainly would never cause me to stop playing.

I just feel they would be more entertaining if they also added some benefit upon being matched. They are a new aspect to the game, which is nice, and I’m not saying they should be eliminated either.

Thank you for your reply Guvner.


They can get pretty annoying… at first i wasnt even paying attention to them and just matching tiles like i would normally do (i mean not make the unusual match just to get rid of the gemed tile) then i noticed that there were 7-8 of them already each dealing 50 damage, and soon, even my 5* heroes were in the red… haha… guess i should pay more attention then…

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They’re pretty trivial as long as you don’t completely ignore them. A couple in areas you can’t get a match? No big deal.

A half dozen or more? That’s going to be an issue pretty quickly.

Even at these early stages I do try and prioritize removing them, just because I expect that later stages even a small number will be bad. Presuming they scale up.


I’m just happy you can move them, unlike the S3 rune stones. It makes them a lot easier to get rid of.

@e-man I did the same early on. Wasn’t paying attention, just matching tiles, next thing I know I’ve got a dead hero from the seven or eight tiles (apparently they decided “let’s just all hits this hero while this idiot playing the game isn’t paying attention” :joy::joy::joy:). Haven’t made that mistake since.


I would prefer they made the waves and bosses tougher with more meaningful slashes, and kept it hard that way, and the gems provided a benefit rather than a penalty

But even hard mode seems pretty easy in s4 right now. That will change I’m sure

I haven’t even encountered these as I’m not up to province 15 in S3 yet… I figure, as mentioned above, the damage caused by one or two of them on a map stage will be mostly negligible for my team as well as any other player who is able to work their way that far up in the maps.

The issue about these “poison” tiles that is bothering me is that these tiles are not limited to PVE. 25 damage per tile per turn may not mean much to me. But for a lower level player in my alliance going in to a war battle against an opponent with S4 heroes on their team… this is essentially a passive DoT slapped against them that potentially forces them to make bad matches on purpose just to get rid of it.

If it was restricted only to PVE, I’d have no issue. The fact that it gives all S4 heroes an added on bonus over every other hero in the game, on top of their already very powerful stats and specials… that I do not approve of.

They can only appear in pvp from firing a special, and it’s not even guaranteed then.

You’re not going to face anywhere near the number of tiles in pvp as PvE.

I would hope not… but even at the lowest tier which is what, 30% chance? An emblemed Boldtusk is only supposed to have about that chance to revive each time he dies, IIRC.

Doesn’t stop the dude from coming back upwards of 5 times in a row.

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Use gullinbursti, the angry boar gets zappy zap zapped from the underworld gems, profit from that


Because the underwild gems create on that hero color tile and will be destroy by matching. So, it is more effective for defense side than offense side because for example, if you use red underwild hero, you need to match red tile which will destroy your underwild gems.

I think they should make it different for “offense side” to something like deal 35 damage to all enemy if you match your underwild gems.

I’m not sure if we can distinguish between “defense side underwild gems” and “offense side underwild gems” or not if both side use same color hero.

I do think the gems can get annoying, but maybe it’s a matter of time for us to get used to them, the new rules and heroes and then it will be fine.

But it is tricky and I had to repeat a few levels already, so I’m scared it will be a long season…
In the difficult levels the gems just don’t stop popping and piling up: as soon as you get rid of one, the next one gets generated…
If the tiles are not helping, good luck surviving!!!

I guess the annoying part is the chance-factor that gets always more important and makes the game unpredictable.

I do prefer the S3 rune stones, because they give benefits. Now, I don’t hate the S4 Underwild gems, and appreciate that they are new. I get around them by bringing two healers, including a healer over time, because I already expect there are some I cannot match.

I also find myself paying more attention, because those gems can accumulate fast if I am not careful!

I like the new mechanic, as it brings something fresh to the table. However I find their spawn rate on hard mode in S4 a bit too high. Like literally every turn spawns one of those gems, sometimes two in a round. 50 damage per round alone isn’t too much but it starts to add up quickly.

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They will be a pain in pvp. Lots of us are between 3000-3800 because material is scarce for leveling. This war there not a single target that as a level 3600 i can compete against as boards are notoriously bad. Now imagine any of those I go against have that family bonus. Ile be giving the enemy free energy trying to clear them. If they appear as frequently as they do in story mode its going to be at a huge disadvantage.

I haven’t actually faced any yet so this only speculation.

The issue I have with them is forgetting I can move them. Having played season 3 for the last year I keep thinking I can’t move them.

The damage isn’t a major issue, it’s the being forced to make a bad match to get rid of them sometimes costing you a better more useful match

I dunno if you realise that this new ‘turdy’ mechanics will be present in all 360x2 levels, you will hate it eventually.

  • spawning rate of 50-75% per enemy turn
  • spawns depend on enemy turn so prepare for up to 3 gem spawn per turn on some levels.

S3 with its bonus tiles was so much better, S4 is just tragic. 90% of the time spending on pointless gem clearing and not charging your heroes if you choose to stack against mobs.

Don’t syack, then. Try new ways of playing. That’s the whole point of new game mechanics, isn’t it?

How about Underwild gems when you’re attacking a titan - they literally freeze up the board while they appear, so you can’t launch any other specials or match tiles during their “appear” animation. Anyone else notice this?!?